From the cosmetics they create to their consumers’ beauty routines, Sigma Beauty always aims to optimize. So when it came to their social media tactics, the brand sought out a strategic makeover with functionality at the forefront of their focus. Their goal was to build off of their past social success in order to maximize revenue and drive a 5x ROAS.

Here’s how we used a foundation of Sigma Beauty’s existing paid social efforts to contour an elevated, optimized media plan that drove both new and existing users to purchase.


  • Paid Social Media
  • Performance Media
  • Direct Response Media
  • Strategy


After seeing success leveraging paid social as a media channel to drive sales, Sigma Beauty felt the scale of their program was lacking. They now sought to build off of their social success and enhance their media efforts to garner more sales.


In order to understand how we could help improve Sigma Beauty’s paid social efforts, we first had to understand what they had already been doing. We explored their previous campaign structure and performance to identify areas we could continue to highlight, as well as areas we could revamp entirely. From this, we knew we had to cook up the proper mix of re-engaging past purchasers and prospecting new audiences. This would help maximize our ROAS while opening up our reach in an effort to drive incremental scale and revenue.


With Sigma Beauty’s goals top-of-mind, we channeled our paid social expertise. We examined the brand’s current tactics and highlighted what areas were driving the most success. From there, we were able to identify ways we could blend and enhance media efforts in order to expand reach while driving their desired revenue.

Expansion And Alignment

To help Sigma Beauty achieve the social success they were looking for, we needed to do something new. So, we developed a media approach that would maximize overall return by diversifying and leveraging various campaign optimization tools. From static, video, carousel, and collection posts, we placed a variety of creative formats within a winning combination of conversion campaigns, lead generation campaigns, and dynamic marketing campaigns.

We then restructured Sigma Beauty’s entire Business Manager account in order to align this newly-revamped plan with Facebook best practices. This helped set the program up for better visibility and optimization within the Facebook algorithm.


“We pride ourselves on being best-in-class when it comes to paid social. Having a team that is Facebook Blueprint Certified in addition to being a Preferred Partner of Facebook allows us to understand the various levers that we can pull to make our clients successful on the platform. Through a combination of algorithmic and manual optimization, we were able to uncover some unique places (tactics, formats, audiences, markets, etc.) for Sigma Beauty to win which ultimately boosted the overall performance of the program.”

- Sara Whiteleather, VP Media


Proper Promotion

To truly build off of Sigma Beauty’s past social success, we audited their promotional calendar and YOY results. This allowed us to identify key promotions that we knew could spark user engagement and generate the largest volume of sales. We also expanded these efforts internationally to capitalize on additional markets where we saw strong return.

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Getting Creative

To establish campaign consistency, we provided strategic consultation on creative best practices. This opened Sigma Beauty’s program up to new placements across social platforms and helped maintain consistent messaging across channels.

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But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Sigma Beauty had to say about it:

"The AMP Agency team was dedicated, professional and efficient throughout our digital marketing partnership. Several factors including continual optimization helped to contribute to an increase of ROAS to build on already strong performance. We found great value in our partnership and AMP's recommendations." - Sigma Beauty Team


Sigma Beauty’s social campaign transformation enabled them to reach new consumers and increase overall revenue.


+ 800

Leads of new consumers to become a part of Sigma Beauty's growing datebase

+ 4%

Conversion Rate


throughout the campaign

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