Case Study / Aquaphor

Aquaphor Heals its way forward



Squeezing past the competition

Faced with the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive market, Aquaphor dared to move beyond traditional skin care rhetoric. We helped the dermatological legend put more emotions in their promotions and, in doing so, took them from preferred product to holistic healing solution.

Consumer Insight

Healing happens inside & out

Delving deep into the consumer’s psyche, we saw how powerfully physical healing impacts emotional well-being. And vice versa.

To be truly memorable, we needed to dimensionalize the meaning of healing. This idea was at the heart of our campaign, which used relatable messaging to connect products and people.


There’s Before, and
Then There’s Aquaphor

Our campaign put consumers’ healing and confidence first. In a departure from classic clinical approaches, we embraced a bolder, fresher and more inclusive perspective. 


Making skin care personal

Our campaign, “There’s Before, and Then There’s Aquaphor,” was pivotal in transforming brand perceptions. It highlighted Aquaphor’s unique role in skin healing, contrasting the “before” state with the exceptional “after” results. Through human-first storytelling and relatable visuals, we shifted the consumer view of Aquaphor from a simple product to an essential step in their skin care journey.

Diversity as a main ingredient

Because every body deserves better skin care options, we made sure our campaign video featured a diverse range of products and reflected a multigenerational, multicultural audience.

The spot was also translated for Spanish-speaking audiences.

Put some feeling in the feed

Through audience research, we got to know our consumers, then turned those findings into content that would resonate. From running to tattoo care, we placed Aquaphor solutions in relatable situations.


Impressions at launch


View through rate (VTR) across CTV platforms

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