Ballerina wearing puma shoes



Stepping Up for a Campaign with Heart and Substance.

Empowerment is nothing without action. That’s why instead of using International Women’s Day as an opportunity to pitch women’s products, PUMA chose to use the month as a call to arms. Through the lives of two women, point guard Skylar Diggins-Smith and principal dancer/choreographer Lauren Lovette, we were able to show how you can turn a personal challenge into opportunities for others. We didn’t try and make it pretty, or pretend that it’s easy. Instead, we showed what it takes to make the world better for the next women up. In the end, #DoYou wasn’t just about doing your own thing but about changing everything.

Through a month-long #DoYou movement, PUMA encouraged women to take action by showing women doing just that. The resulting campaign organically produced 2.4 MM impressions via PUMA’s owned Facebook and Instagram channels and generated an additional 100K+ video views across US ambassadors’ social channels.

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