Data Analytics

Translating data into impact.

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Meaningful data. Insights-driven decisions.

Data analytics power our compelling brand stories, hyper-personalized designs and targeted marketing strategies. We uncover insights for actionable growth-driving opportunities.

Performance Analytics

We continuously analyze your media investments performance—making real-time campaign optimizations and strategic budget allocation shifts—to reach, engage and motivate your target audiences to act. This drives brand awareness, consideration and ultimately business growth.

Marketing Science

We harness the power of data to understand ROI and optimize marketing strategies—informed by a deep understanding of how consumers interact with media and engage with advertising in today’s increasingly complex media landscape.

Intelligence & Reporting

We collect and analyze a variety of data sources—customer, transactional, engagement, third-party, competitive and media data—to provide a unique window into the minds and behavior of real people and facilitate strategic decision-making to grow your brand.

Predictive Modeling

We analyze your historical data and machine-learning algorithms to generate statistical models that identify patterns and trends, helping predict demand, personalize content and increase conversions with accuracy.

Segmentation & Profiling

We tap first-party and third-party data sources to understand deep level consumer needs, motivations and behaviors, turning that into impactful marketing strategies where every interaction is designed to drive relevance, emotional connection, loyalty and brand advocacy.

Testing & Experimenting

Our best-in-class test design and rapid experimentation approach enables continuous effectiveness evaluation of all program elements to identify causal relationships and make data-driven decisions. This improves short-term performance while keeping an eye on long-term implications.

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Complementary Services

Build on your data with our full-service offerings.

Reveal your brand’s truths and opportunities with divergent thinking across primary research, personas, campaign strategy, journey mapping, innovation blueprints and trends.

Make brand stories that connect and creative that delivers across advertising, brand activation, content creation, motion graphics and production.

Bring your distinct brand story to life with digital perfection across experience design, websites and eCommerce and mobile apps.

Amplify your brand’s influence to connect and engage your audience while making cultural moments across social media and influencer community garnering earned media.

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