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Strategic Marketing for the Black Sheep of the Brand

PFU boasts an impressive selection of tech products, one being the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB). To make it look like part of the PFU family, the Amp Product Experience team created a stunning website to properly display Happy Hacking Keyboards.

Here’s how we helped PFU integrate Happy Hacking Keyboard with the rest of its marketing materials to drive engagement and demonstrate its expertise.


Updated and Integrated

Happy Hacking Keyboard’s website was outdated and not integrated within the overall Marketing Technology Platform. The website needed a redesign to better integrate with overall Social Campaigns as well as a replatform from WordPress to Sitecore.


Clear Value Proposition

PFU’s audience is looking for premium and high quality solutions to help them better adapt to an ever-changing digital environment. Our focus to help customers Re-Imagine the Future of How Businesses do Business is at the core of all of our content. Users want a website that better positions and explains the value-proposition of an expensive product.


Translating Premium Feel to Premium Look

With scanners to keyboards for sale, there are a wide range of audiences from IT decision-makers to small business owners to programmers.

PFU’s competition often overcomplicates product messaging and tries to compare to their features. Category-leading messaging was key to come through in marketing materials. PFU products are top of the line, and that should be obvious to their audiences through proper design that reflects the quality.

A key opportunity to connect a better integrated system and connect our products to consumers was to showcase our category leading products and expertise in the space.

Incorporating HHKB’s 25th Anniversary

HHKB celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. This was a key driver to an established legacy in the digital transformation space.

Imagery and video was highlighted in both digital and social executions to drive connection with our brands.

The use of our anniversary content helped drive unique engagement opportunities that still connected consumers to our overall brand legacy. While unique executions like our Anniversary Look Book celebrating a product launch and our one-time free keyboard Giveaway created unique content opportunities, the overall campaign still drove the connection to our brands legacy and industry-leading content without being overtly sales-focused.

Overall the results showed strong engagement with our brands through anniversary and digital transformation messaging.

Organic social drove a 33% increase in engagement rates compared to our benchmark, and our HHKB anniversary giveaway drove the highest engagement of the campaign. Content gathered from the giveaway has also been reused throughout 2022.

In summary, through beautiful web design and an engaging organic social campaign, PFU was able to connect more people to Happy Hacking Keyboard in a more meaningful way.


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