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Getting Users to Return for the Sequel

Fandango has long been known as the best way to buy movie tickets online. However, to remain competitive in a crowded space, the brand needed to boost advertiser value by expanding its business beyond the one-and-done nature of most ticket-buying transactions.

Here’s how we helped Fandango increase customer engagement to establish itself as the digital hub of the movie going experience.


Balancing Content

Building fan engagement would mean introducing an abundance of new content. However, it was essential that the site’s bread and butter – show times and ticket purchases – not get lost in the shuffle. Finding the right hierarchy to surface both of these disparate types of content, as well as essential promotions and offers, would require a critical balance which, if not handled effectively, could harm the brand’s core purpose.


Renewable Cycle of Fandom

Buying a movie ticket marks the beginning of an adventure, not the end of a purchase path. Fandango celebrates that excitement, but just as importantly, it offers audiences the potential to relive the experience and enhance their understanding of what they’ve watched by learning more about both the movies themselves and the personalities behind them. In short, movie fandom is not a one-way path to purchase, but rather a renewable cycle that turns from search and purchase to revisiting the experience afterwards, with heightened interest towards additional future purchases.


Attracting Fans Beyond the Box Office

We prototyped the next generation of to be an engaging experience that movie fans would want to visit every day – not just when it was time to buy a movie ticket. Our new platform weaves together exclusive content, a vibrant community, and best-in-class commerce tools into a compelling experience for movie fans, and a more valuable platform for advertisers. Our design process focused on three user journeys:

  • Movie Events
  • Content Discovery
  • Personalization


A Roadmap to Engagement

Our prototype featured a new, flexible navigation approach that radically simplified the ticket purchase process, while also providing better exposure to Fandango’s breadth of exclusive content.

Click the Watch Now button below to see the prototype.

The site’s Movie Feed experience allowed the homepage to feel truly personalized to returning users.

New advertising products were envisioned to be wholly integrated within the rest of the site’s content experience.

Our revamped My Fandango experience helped make the homepage feel truly personalized for returning users.

Because viewing trailers is a key driver of user engagement, we reimagined the trailer offering as a curated video playlist.

We also envisioned quick, fun, interactive components sprinkled throughout the site to further boost customer engagement – and, as a result, advertiser value.

Intuitive search features help moviegoers to find the most convenient showings of the movies they’d like to see, based on when and where there are show times closest to them.

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