Citibank Immersive Experience

Citi bank brand activation





Designing a cutting-edge experience that elicits true organic engagement.

We worked with Citibank to develop a cutting-edge marketing experience that would engage consumers and highlight Citi’s top services. The end result was a totally immersive experience with four distinct activations, and a full LED video wall in Union Square, New York. The experience allows Citibank to capture user behavior while doubling as a stage for branch events and presentations.


Huge Engagement, Valuable Data

Our challenge was creating an experience that would engage customers and effectively highlight Citi’s top services. The interactive experience would also have to appeal to a wide audience. The effort needed to attract a huge audience, hold their interest, and elicit favorable feedback, all while collecting customer data.


Engaging, Multi-Channel Citibank Campaign

Along with Citibank, we identified a target market and their needs. This enabled us to develop individualized experiences that spoke directly to the intended audience. We illustrated how Citibank’s premier services might address their particular needs. The alliance analyzed customer engagement using data analytics and continuously improved the marketing experience. To create an interactive experience that appealed to a wide audience, we tapped into a variety of multimedia channels such as video, social media, and mobile platforms. By creating an immersive and engaging experience that was accessible on multiple platforms, we were able to reach a lot of people, and ensure the message resonated with each customer.

Amp also created a large touch screen interactive game for Citibank as a part of their audience engagement strategy. The goal of the game was to showcase Citibank’s best services while interacting with players. Users had to problem-solve their way through tasks and puzzles in order to earn awards and prizes. It was a successful marketing strategy for Citibank because it attracted a sizable audience, kept their attention, and gathered important consumer information.

The effort included a special tablet listening station, where customers can browse and listen to a variety of music playlists in a proprietary app. Customers may easily discover new artists and listen to fresh music on the app thanks to its user-friendly, straightforward UI. Playlists are curated by renowned music professionals, and users can even make their own lists to personalize the music to their tastes. It proved to be an engaging experience for their clients that fuses the practicality of contemporary technology with the timelessness of excellent music.

Amp also designed and developed the Learn-Large interactive touch tablet experience. The state-of-the-art learning tool gave users an immersive and educational experience, allowing customers to navigate through a wide range of financial services and products supplied by Citibank. With the use of the Learn-Large touch tablet’s technology, users could explore, learn, and ask questions about banking services in real-time. With the use of this cutting-edge tool, Citibank could enlighten its customers about a range of monetary issues including saving money, investing, and planning for retirement—all to help them make well-informed financial decisions.

The spectacular LED video wall facing Union Square in New York City gave onlookers an engaging and dynamic visual experience. The nine high-resolution screens displayed Citibank’s brand messaging and promotional content in vivid colors and with crystal-clear images. By showcasing their services through this creative display, Citibank was able to raise brand awareness and draw more customers to a local branch. Citibank can display a variety of content on the LED video wall, including educational videos, interactive games, and financial advice. The public had an enjoyable and lasting experience thanks to this digital installation, which also demonstrated Citibank’s dedication to technological advancement.

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