Case Study / Maruchan Ramen

Fans sing Maruchan’s praises


Maruchan Ramen

Souping up
a legend

Maruchan is so much more than a quick meal for college kids. We knew it. Fans knew it. It was time the world knew it. And so our partnership began.

As agency of record, we’ve expanded Maruchan’s market share into more homes across the U.S. and set a new standard for brand storytelling. Dig into one of our favorite collaborations below.


A ramen above the rest

Turns out, the average shopper doesn’t know the difference between instant ramen brands. Lucky for us, Maruchan fans do.

We used this insight as inspiration to help Maruchan reach diverse audiences and show off its distinct flavors. Our strategy, “There’s only one Maruchan,” turned brand affinity into a feel-good campaign for ramen lovers around the nation.


Sampling sentiments

As a standout in the instant ramen scene, we set out to remind everyone that in a world of imitators, there’s only one true Maruchan. 

We crowdsourced a chorus of fan voices declaring Maruchan’s superiority. Then set them to music in a creative campaign that spoke volumes.


The Maruchan Anthem

Our brand anthem was inspired by—and created with—our biggest fans. We pulled the lyrics directly from their tweets, comments and posts. And made their passion points (e.g. gaming, anime, hip hop) larger-than-life in our broadcast spot. Together, we served up an anthem that captures the energy and diversity of Maruchan’s community.


Increase in follower growth


Positive brand sentiment

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