How We Rebranded the Global Leader in Document Scanners

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A Campaign Reaffirming a Legacy Brand as the Undisputed Leader

Fujitsu Document Scanners had been the global market leader in their category for decades. They’d built a reputation among business enterprises for providing innovative, reliable, and high-performing document scanners–not to mention unparalleled customer service. In April of 2023, however, Fujitsu Document Scanners announced a rebrand to Ricoh Document Scanners after PFU–Fujitsu’s parent company–joined the Ricoh Group of companies.

As the brand’s trusted AOR, Amp was tasked with developing an awareness campaign that would not only communicate the new name but also reassure customers that nothing about the company’s industry-leading performance, quality, or service would change.


Rebranding While Maintaining Reputation

Any rebrand comes with a risk, from loss of equity and efficacy in marketing channels to creating confusion for consumers. In short, lots of potential for a loss of market share. We needed to make sure our client retained their sales pipeline and their sterling reputation, both internally and externally.


When We Find Something Good, We Don’t Want it to Change

Fujitsu Document Scanners are category leaders for a reason. We knew a big change to a beloved product like our fi Series scanners could be unnerving. It’s like anything in life–and what we know to be true from psychology–most of us hate change. And specifically, we think a change in ownership means a change in the substance behind a brand. Applying this psychology to the B2B space, we knew that our customers would worry about the impact our news would have on their customers in turn, as well as their workflows, business operations, and bottom line.


Fujitsu Document Scanners aren’t changing – only the name is

While the campaign’s goal was to alert consumers to the name change, it also needed to demonstrate that other than the name, everything else would remain exactly the same. They could expect the same industry-leading products, the same innovative thinking, and the same attentive service.


Business as Usual

Amp developed a multi-channel campaign that announced the rebrand with memorable creative that directly addressed the main challenge: confusion and trepidation surrounding the rebrand.

Our campaign consisted of CTV, OLV, paid and organic social, programmatic display, sales enablement, dOOH, event support, and paid search, with a 6-month paid media run.

Much of the launch announcement centered around two key industry events happening in April, the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conferences.


Multi-Media Campaigns to Drive to New Landing Page

While in pre-production for our live action video, our team created graphic paid social assets and display banners to drive to our campaign landing page. We also developed digital OOH in Chicago and New Orleans to generate awareness for both industry events, and showed up on some of our favorite podcasts with audio ads.


Rebranding Clearly and Impactfully

Our campaign landing page had to communicate the rebrand clearly and impactfully, while providing critical information to reassure key decision makers. Our creative and dev teams worked seamlessly to build a bespoke page to preempt questions from our target audience and ensure the experience felt premium. The page displayed our live-action video and served as a destination for paid media.

The landing page utilized all new web components designed specifically for this campaign. We added animation and movement to enhance the user experience as well as highlight important points. Using content reveal timing, visuals and messaging unfold as users scroll down the page.

Web &

Rebranding Clearly and Impactfully

To make the change from Fujitsu to Ricoh, we updated every branded element of the website, including historical blog posts, logos, and products. We collaborated with our clients to refresh all product photography with Ricoh-branded scanners. Asset updates also extended beyond the website to include Ricoh’s full suite of marketing and sales enablement tools, including CRM systems, customer emails, online chat, and digital PDF collateral.


High-Profile Industry Events

To support the two high-profile industry events driving the launch date, we designed print collateral, merch, and booth elements that communicated the rebrand in our look and feel.

To Drive awareness, memorability, and brand understanding, the media strategy was a video-first approach — with the majority of budget allocated towards video channels — supported by social and display placements.

Most importantly, consumer perception of the rebrand remained overwhelmingly positive, solidifying the rebrand as an exciting new chapter and not a step back. After all, it’s just a little old name change.


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