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Elevating expert craftsmanship to luxury status.

Sena Cases hand crafts beautiful leather device cases, using techniques passed down from generations. However, to succeed on the shelves of premium retailers, it needed to elevate its brand perception to that of a luxury, fashion-forward brand.

Here’s how we helped Sena flourish at retail and drive online sales without jeopardizing channel partnerships.


Revamping Sena’s Digital Elegance

Sena Cases, a leading manufacturer of premium leather phone and laptop cases, was utilizing an outdated e-commerce website that fell far short of doing its products justice. The Sena brand required a high-end touch that could not be achieved within the existing site.


Refreshing Sena’s Online Presence

A thorough site audit and brand exploration revealed an outmoded visual identity and a rigid, cookie-cutter e-commerce platform – both of which were hindering the ability of Sena’s marketing department to showcase and sell its beautiful products effectively.


brand transformation in a snap

To help support Sena’s brand and business goals, Amp initiated a comprehensive site redesign, developing a whole new platform to help better showcase Sena’s products and enabling users to quickly identify the right product for their needs through faceted search.


Revamped E-Commerce Platform

Amp orchestrated the migration of the entire site experience to Magento, a more robust e-commerce solution. We then integrated Magento with a custom Django Content Management System designed to support more modern marketing content.


Stylish Site Redesign

Within the site, product experience pages support launches and guide consumers by telling stories of innovation and craftsmanship. These shopping experiences focus on the usefulness and lifestyle benefits each product series provides, de-emphasizing dry technical specs in favor of rich detail and interactive feature explorations.

Our creative team worked closely with Sena’s in-house photographers to style product imagery that brings the visual and tactile beauty of the products to life.


Search and Analytics Overhaul

Amp also developed an SEO framework, leveraging Solr search technology to deliver a faceted search-driven shopping experience that shortens the conversion funnel. This framework is specifically optimized for the ways in which consumers search this product category and remains SEO-friendly despite the dynamic nature of faceted search.

Additionally, Amp completely revamped Sena’s analytics tracking, which had previously been improperly installed. With our help, Sena was able to adjust its analytics benchmarks and report results more accurately.

Our stylish digital overhaul presented the Sena brand on a whole new level of sophistication, while enabling it to connect with consumers more immediately and efficiently. Together, these two components drove dramatic sales growth to ensure that Sena remains a leading luxury brand in its category for years to come.

+ 36%

YOY Conversion Rate

+ 25%

Sales 2013 to 2014

+ 53%

Site Visits Q4 2013 to Q4 2014

+ 200%

Increase YOY in Sales Q3 & Q4 2014

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