Unveiling a botanical renaissance in the world of clean beauty



Planting seeds 
of pure beauty

Grove Collaborative, a well-known DTC company dedicated to simplifying the search for healthier, sustainable home essentials, wanted to expand from natural cleaning products into natural beauty. We were tasked with cultivating a brand identity and packaging experience for their exclusive line of accessible, luxury skin-care products under the name of Superbloom.


Blossoming in a crowded garden

The challenge was to make Superbloom blossom in a digital landscape overflowing with beauty brands, creating a distinct presence that not only stands out but also embodies the essence of clean beauty accessible to all, particularly targeting middle America.


Harnessing the potency of plants

We developed a comprehensive brand and packaging system, drawing inspiration from the potent and resilient natural botanical ingredients. As we learned more about the inspiration for the product, we uncovered that the plant life thriving in these challenging environments boasts intensely vibrant blooms, aptly named superblooms. With this in mind, our packaging design aims to capture the radiant glow and luminosity emanating from these minerals and the transformative effects of using the product. 

The concept was to celebrate the power of the plant, and create a profound connection to nature as the essence of the product. Every aspect, from the product’s form and finish to the unboxing experience, has been meticulously crafted to harness the awe- inspiring power of delight that naturally comes with a super bloom. 

We centered the products on key ingredients—minerals derived from plants and flowers that thrive in extreme environments, ranging from the arid high desert to the icy arctic.


A powerful disruptor 
in the natural space

Superbloom made its debut in early 2021 and quickly garnered high praise from publications such as Women’s Health, Insider, Glossy, Nylon, and E! Online, among others. Only two short years after its launch, Superbloom reached an impressive milestone of $1 million in sales on Amazon.

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