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Modelo skateboard leaning up against a wall with cans of Modelo beside it



Standing out in crowded cooler

Summer is a must-win season in the beverage world, making it a very crowded and highly competitive time of year. Major beer brands go big and broad with marketing campaigns, and now seltzer brands add to the noise.


Drop it like it’s hot

Even as one of the fastest-growing beer brands in the country, Modelo’s summer success hinged on breaking through the seasonal chatter. We had to deliver on cool all summer long with a compelling experience that tapped into fans’ unique passions and pursuits—in a way that only this iconic Mexican import could.


Modelo x must-have collabs

Our #ModeloTime Drops campaign turned the high-energy excitement of drop culture into a summer-long experience. Every Friday, Modelo dropped exclusive and unique releases from influential brands in music, tech, fashion, and sports as a salud to summer. We created a microsite to tease weekly drops and partnered with media powerhouse Hypebeast to generate buzz all season long.


Salud to Summer

To further spice up the campaign, we aligned Modelo with the cult following of Takis to launder a mutual affinity between the two brands and created a vending machine that dispensed both products in perfect partnership.

With the help of actor, comedian and former NFL player—the aptly named—Spice Adams, we helped create an experiential contest that rewarded the vending machine itself to the contestant who channeled their summertime self and chilled at the event the longest. When the sun finally set on “Salud to Summer,” Modelo fans were feeling more brand love than ever.


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