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We put Nick Offerman in the ground for good


Incredible Beast


Like all of us, Incredible Beast Omnimedia sought greener pastures. Literally. During 2023 Farm Bill negotiations in Congress, they teamed up with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to promote regenerative agriculture by advocating for the COVER Act.

The goal: increase the use of cover crops, a time-tested farming practice currently utilized on only 5% of American cropland. The challenge: no paid media support for the project—zip. That happens. But even more challenging: a public with no knowledge of cover crops. No shame, that might even include you right now.


Generating buzz for regenerative farming

So how do you make soil speak to people? By making it speak to people. In our case, having actor, comedian, and outspoken sustainability activist, Nick Offerman become the mustachioed mouthpiece of soil itself.

With a beloved figure like Nick on board, we could generate affinity for his plight as maligned farmland, getting regular joes to care about a no-brainer soil solution like cover crops, and starting the process of putting the goals of the COVER Act within Congress’s reach.


A feel-good face plant

Directed by Emmy-award-winner Morgan Sackett, “Face Plant” was our big swing to put Incredible Beast Omnimedia on the map, and spark public awareness of cover crops. The 60-second spot sees Nick, as soil personified, transforming from barren to bountiful. The best part? We were able to make boring old dirt interesting and educational to our audience.


Soil that speaks for itself

Our campaign launched during Climate Week NYC and by targeting various social media platforms, we harvested abundant earned media coverage and social engagement. This approach amplified our campaign’s reach. Got them talking. People were having conversations about “Face Plant” all over the country. More importantly, they were becoming more aware of regenerative farming.

Ripe for conversation

With Nick Offerman’s star power, plus a public clamoring for brighter environmental outcomes, it’s no surprise “Face Plant” went viral. A 3% engagement rate. Over 34K interactions. Nearly 1.2MM Reel plays. 6.3K+ shares. People wanted to get down and dirty with Nick and his regenerative message. The roots of which started conversations about climate-friendly agriculture that are still going today.  


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