Taking a bite of nostalgia with Welch’s

Woman smiling while holding a bag of Welch's fruit snacks in front of her face



Giving fruit snacks a second act

One squishable, parent-permissible bite at a time, we wrestled Welch’s Fruit Snacks to the top of the pantry. It’s a crowded class of contemporary snack options, and we needed to remind and reinstate Welch’s spot on the honor roll.

By speaking to sense memory, listening to real people’s desires for novel experiences and updating the brand for a diverse audience, we successfully resuscitated your favorite nostalgia snack.


A hunger for a satisfying experience

Centering the snacker, we set out on an exhaustive research journey. Pouring over data, chatting with focus groups and doing a little sentiment analysis—lo and behold, a pattern emerged.

It turns out that snacking isn’t just about getting a sweet or savory pick-me-up; it’s a quest for a satisfying experience in its own small way. This was what really sounded the alarm for us that we were onto something. Realizing the immense value of authenticity, we developed a blueprint to put it into play.

The Idea

Snack Fruitfully

“Snack Fruitfully” was more than just a campaign slogan—it was an ethos. We blew out this mantra into a series of heartfelt stories. From the joy of being a child discovering Welch’s Fruit Snacks packed alongside your school supplies to worry-free permission for parents to enjoy a sweet treat, every narrative was a fruit slice of relatable life.

The Execution

Making sure messaging sticks

Getting our stories in front of the people who would find them most authentic to their own lives meant masterful media orchestration.

Meeting them everywhere their gaze lay meant recognizing the unique strengths of both traditional and digital mediums. Prime billboards in high-density regions like Baltimore and Philadelphia were paired with targeted digital engagements, ensuring that Welch’s narrative nudges were ever present in our audience’s daily diet.



YoY sales growth


Increase in site traffic


Lift in brand-perception metrics

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