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Slacker Radio

A Brand and Product Facelift that Truly Makes Waves

Despite a community of 30 million users, Slacker struggled to grow market share in the face of new, more modern competitors. As the service entered its seventh year in operation, its customer acquisition, retention, and free-to-premium account conversions had all stalled and wholesale change was needed.

Here’s how we helped Slacker win new customers by revitalizing the product, brand, and messaging from the ground up.


Community of Users

Over more than half a decade, Slacker Radio had built a solid core community of users. Despite this, Slacker’s dated product experience, lack of brand expression and its disjointed consumer messaging proved to be an increasing hindrance to customer acquisition and retention.


Curated by Humans, Not Algorithms

We knew that when people tried Slacker, they liked it. However, the data showed many potential customers were opening the service and then abandoning it before ever pressing play. While this indicated a problem in the quality of the user experience, it also presented Slacker with an opportunity to stand apart by presenting a personalized experience that’s curated by humans, not algorithms.


Tuning into the Listener Experience

Amp redesigned the touch points of the consumer’s digital interaction with Slacker, turning marketing spaces into a demo of the service itself. From the product story, to the onboarding of new users, to a responsive redesign of the web and mobile apps—all showcased an all-new brand expression that highlighted Slacker’s unique stations, fine tuning dials and semantic search.

By speaking and acting with one voice across all touch points and providing a beautiful product experience, Slacker is now positioned to capture new customers away from an ever-growing list of competitors.


A New Kind of Look For A New Way to Listen

At the core of our digital re-branding was a completely new visual identity and mark for Slacker – one that paid homage to the warmth and personalization of old-school radio that Slacker emulates.


Streaming With A Human Touch

Slacker’s redesigned homepage greets visiting prospects with a blend of marketing messaging and in-line product demos, while daily content curation, featuring the best music and music news, gives users a reason to return.

Each individual Slacker station page is custom-crafted to reflect the personality of the people that power it.

Meanwhile visitors with free accounts are encouraged to discover the benefits of paid subscriptions.


Streaming Music On The Move

Amp’s comprehensive re-design also extends to Slacker Radio’s popular iOS app, enabling listeners to bring the new Slacker experience with them everywhere.


Platform Planning

To implement this platform, we prioritized journey touch points, established channel roles and focused resources where Dole could achieve its greatest impact.

A new visual identity drives interest and advocacy by evoking shared values and personality.

Web Redesign
Marketing messaging, curated content and product demos convert consideration to trial and, ultimately, purchase.

Mobile App
Engages fans everywhere, driving awareness and advocacy through social sharing.

Amp relaunched the all-new Slacker Radio brand and product experience to a string of positive press and accolades from users.


4.5 Star iTunes App Store Rating


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