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Proprietary data activation and targeting approach to grow your business.


Using proprietary retail affinity data, location and household matching, as well as existing second- and third-party data sets, we offer the industry’s most complete data ecosystem focused on understanding what influences shoppers, and when and how to best reach them. We call it MomentAware™️, our programmatic and data activation practice coupled with our proprietary DMP offering, architected with a single goal in mind: increase conversions and purchase, and prove it by marrying digital media to offline sales.

This approach takes platform and technology costs off your bottom line while giving you access to advanced solutions - algorithms optimizing your media across a myriad of channels, including Display, Paid Social, Broadcast, Mobile, and our own location graph seamlessly activating across devices and screens.

For brands looking to build their own in-house programmatic practice, our consulting services help you build best in class solution for your business. Whether it’s designing your DMP infrastructure, selecting technology partners, or classifying data, we minimize the complexity in bringing your programmatic solution to market.


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APPROACH & Process


Successful programmatic campaigns require a deep understanding of the target audience. Some of that insight will come directly from a brand’s POS, purchase or CRM data, but by combining it our MomentAware data set, we are able to build a one-of-a-kind targeting approach to advance a brand’s business goals. It’s informed with the intimate knowledge of when a target audience wants to hear from the brand, on what device, and during what time of day. As a result, our programmatic buys drive maximum efficiency with a brand’s media dollars, spending in those moments when it will make the most impact and have the least waste.

We begin by analyzing brand purchase data and pairing it with our available data in our DMP to build out a persona that can be applied to secure new customers or build existing customers’ loyalty. The personas are informed through demographic and psychographic insights, shopping behaviors, location data, and digital fingerprints including device ID, cookies, purchase history, brand affinity, social sharing and campaign data. We combine that data with traditional audience insight and discovery tools such as MRI, Nielsen, and Forrester to get a robust understanding of the brand’s target audience. Our personas include information on preference for channel, type of device, time of day media should be delivered, and messaging that will resonate.

Utilizing personas to build campaign plans allow us to drive highly qualified traffic both to digital and in-store locations. Through geo-targeting, we are able to deliver ads to a brand’s target customer who is in the local area.  We make real-time updates to media placements to drive traffic to the brick and mortar locations that have inventory, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the media spend by delivering ads to those customers who are likely to buy.

For brands that are interested in building their own in-house DMP, we provide consulting and integration services to ensure that a brand has the right infrastructure, partnerships, and long term strategy to scale.


our work

national pet insurance company

Did you know just 5% of all pet owners carry insurance for their furry friends in the United States? Faced with that lack of penetration, one of the top pet insurance companies asked us to help build brand awareness and generate leads. Using a combination of MomentAware™, geo-fencing and IP targeting, we identified pet owners through visits to dog parks, vet clinics and pet stores – and followed up with highly personalized media served at key times. The results put the “wow” in bow wow. We increased clickthrough rates by 250%, increased lead efficiency by nearly 20%, and reduced our client’s costs by 83%.

our work

Michael angelo's

With so many grocery brands on aisle shelves and in freezer cases, how do you stand out in a sea of sameness? That’s the challenge Michael Angelo’s line of frozen Italian entrees faced when they came to us for help.

With MomentAware™, we identified the optimal Michael Angelo’s consumer by reviewing location and contextual data to build out a target audience. Then we used programmatic ad technology to deliver Michael Angelo’s messaging to their mobile devices just as they were walking into grocery stores. The result: serving piping hot in-store purchase incentives had a delicious outcome.

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