How AMP leveraged Comic-Con to catapult LEGO Dimensions as the most talked about toys-to-life brand on social.


LEGO Dimensions combines the beloved LEGO games universe with a host of adored IPs to make the ultimate game experience for fans.

As a new IP in a years old genre, getting the word out on was paramount to the brand’s success on social media.

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The toys-to-life market is dominated by deeply entrenched franchises and household brand names. LEGO Dimensions was struggling to leverage its diverse, niche IPs to connect with consumers, and tell the revolutionary ways in which it will change the genre altogether.

Without capitalizing on the game's strengths, both Disney Infinity and Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions' major competitors, were consistently winning in social share of voice every month.


LEGO Dimensions was not leveraging the main driver for fan excitement, the nostalgia factor, and did little to proselytize a potential customer into an advocate.  By not highlighting the attributes that separated the game from its competitors, LEGO Dimensions found itself in third place among its competitive set.



To build a legion of loyal brand advocates, and set the stage for a successful launch, we leveraged San Diego's Comic-Con to reignite LEGO Dimensions using social media.



Content: Starting off right

We planted seeds of what was to come in order to generate as much social buzz as possible. We enticed our fans and those of partner IPs to collaborate and discuss the game on their social channels.



Content: Owning Comic-con

During the event, we executed a strategy crafted to engage fans, both new and old, enticing them to collaborate with the brand, and advocate on behalf of LEGO Dimensions. By monitoring the social habits of fans attending the convention, we were able to encourage them to visit the LEGO Dimensions booth, play the game, and discuss their experiences online.



Real-time Content Updates: SDCC Preview Night

A Preview Night for LEGO Dimensions was hosted on the eve of Comic-con revealing world exclusives surrounding the Doctor Who integration into the game. We teased the Doctor's inclusion in the days leading to the event, starting the conversation as early as possible, ensuring massive fan support while the Preview Night was live.





Real-time Content Updates: #AskLEGODimensions

Utilizing branded Q&A tactics; fans of LEGO Dimensions and Doctor Who were invited to join the conversation by submitting questions to the game developers, producers, and even the star of Doctor Who himself, Peter Capaldi.



Real-time Content Updates: Engaging fans attending the event

Fans were also challenged to participate in a scavenger hunt to find Lego statues throughout the event and tag themselves in pictures with them.  In addition to the point-to-point fan interaction, LEGO Dimensions capitalized on peak conversation metrics to entice users to become fans of the brand, and purchase the game.



Content: Keeping the momentum going

Riding the wave created by Comic-con, we continued the upward trajectory by feeding the rabid fan community that had been kick-started during the event.

LEGO Dimensions continued to lead, showing positive numbers in every KPI tracked, driving high conversation volumes and positive sentiment during the off-peak time immediately following the event.



LEGO Dimensions started as an underdog, but ended up on top after San Diego Comic-Con and continued to dominate in the social space.In gaming, high scores matter, so let the numbers speak for themselves.

July 2015 - August 2015

Share of Voice: 60% (+38% MoM; 1st place among competitive set, previously 3rd place)

Total Impressions: +60% MoM

Total Social Engagements: +207% MoM

Net New Fans (all channels): +484% MoM

AVG Net Positive Sentiment: 91% (+7% MoM)

Drive to Purchase: +2,176% MoM


484% Net New Fans MOM

60% Share of Voice

2,176% Drive to Purchase MOM

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