Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
at AMP Agency

Why We're Here

As an agency, it is our responsibility to champion the varied viewpoints, cultures and expertise of our workforce. It’s time we used the power we have as marketers to enact policies and practices that are actively anti-racist and work to make advertising more equitable for all.

We made a promise to actively support diversity and foster inclusivity at AMP. To help us live out this commitment, we established our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee in July 2020. Every day since and every day moving forward, we’re making strides in shaping a more equitable industry.

Setting Goals & Intentions

Creating a positive impact on our industry starts with setting thoughtful intentions.
We’ve identified the following goals to guide our DE&I efforts through 2021:

Become a more diverse agency by setting benchmarks for hiring and adding new recruiting tactics that will bring more diverse talent to AMP, especially in leadership roles.

Help AMPers bring their authentic self to work by holding agency-wide events to promote culture, education, connectivity, and awareness in the DE&I space.

Provide employees at all levels relevant trainings & workshops with outside DE&I vendors on a quarterly basis.

Support oppressed communities and businesses by investing 10% of agency billable time to projects that drive social impact yearly.

Our Mission

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee is dedicated to making AMP Agency more inclusive and equitable for everyone, from employees to clients to consumers. As a collective of compassionate listeners and creative problem-solvers, we lead measurable, goal-oriented DE&I initiatives that support and uplift underrepresented groups within our community and society at large.

Partnerships We’ve Built

Extending our DE&I efforts beyond our agency is imperative for enacting widespread, impactful change. Here are some of the incredible businesses and organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working with to-date.

Partnership Spotlight



AMP is delighted to partner with the BLAC Internship Program again for the Summer 2023 season. This 12-week, paid internship matches creative thinkers and agencies across the country, with the goal of bringing more young Black people into advertising and creating space for them to express themselves, find community and lead. AMP also has a personal mission of recruiting full-time employees through this program. Last year, BLAC interns joined us to gain hands-on experience with creative, strategy, B2B marketing, and copywriting. Projects included trendy content creation, strategy planning, blog writing, awards submissions and published client work like this Meta for Creators reel


We can proudly share that among the network of agencies BLAC partnered with for the 2022 season, AMP was ranked the top agency for best overall experience. Here’s to another amazing summer of learning together!

Work With Us

To truly honor our commitment to social impact, our team works to offer agency support to businesses owned by people who identify as Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+ or as a person with a disability. If you would like to discuss possible opportunities for your business, reach out to our team. We’re always happy to chat.


Our People

Shayne Ortiz Senior Analyst & DE&I Lead

Anika Dhar Project Manager & DE&I Secretary

Alyssa McBryar Marketing Director

Liz Furze Associate Creative Director

Jennifer Carroll Director PR & Media Relations

Katelyn Crowley VP, Talent Management & Executive Sponsor

Micheal Mish SVP, General Manager & Executive Sponsor

Rashida Hull Engagement Strategist

Roberto Valdivieso Art Director

Stephanie Twining Social Strategy Director