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Digital products provide a level of utility, service and access to information that has changed the world. But they’ve also permanently shifted expectations. Convenience and connectedness are no longer just nice-to-haves, they’re at the center of the consumer experience, and they must be expressed in brand actions across touch-points.

This dramatic shift presents not only a challenge, but an opportunity. AMP is a seasoned partner in empowering brands to seize that opportunity as they expand beyond the brick-and-mortar world into digital. From mobile apps to massive interactive installations, we specialize in helping partners create digital platforms, services, and products that enhance and amplify their business offerings in groundbreaking, new ways.


  • Product Strategy

  • Roadmapping

  • Service Design

  • User-Centered Design

  • Information Architecture

  • UX + Interaction Design

  • Prototyping

  • Digital Product Development

  • Emerging Platforms

  • Retail + OOH Experiences

  • Connected Personalization

  • Analytics + Reporting

  • Wearables

  • Apps

Additional Expertise

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10
  • Web Apps
  • VR
  • Mobile Web
  • Large Forma
  • ATMs Touch Screens
  • Kiosks
  • Gaming Consoles (Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS4)
  • Set Top Boxes



Digital products simultaneously serve the needs of both brand and consumer. But, while traditional requirements gathering helps us define a brand’s needs, understanding the needs of users can be far more elusive.

Getting to the heart of consumer needs takes more than just an interview. That’s why AMP implements a variety of techniques such as video diaries, ethnographies, contextual inquiry, shadowing, and advanced analytics at multiple points throughout the design process. We ground each project in behavioral observation and analysis that helps us better understand user needs and design challenges. Just as importantly, we retest these observations and ideas repeatedly, with segmented variants of the same groups, to continuously evolve our thinking.



Our Process



Innovation in digital experiences requires heavy collaboration between design teams and business leads. Our teams partner with client organizations to blend into a single cohesive team.

We design our processes to be adaptable to the realities of any brand, whether they involve highly distributed stewardship, complex change management, or sometimes geographically dispersed teams and collaborators.

We diligently collaborate with business leads during requirements gathering, research design and analysis, to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.

We establish design milestones and pull large teams together in highly interactive events to distribute updates, share new insights, and collaborate on next steps. At every stage, from research and analysis, through concepting and prototyping, to testing and production, we underscore the importance of keeping entire business teams engaged.




Creating the Tools for Repeatable Success

Although some brands are new to digital product development, enlisting an experienced partner who can provide guidance and pacing along an agreed-upon path makes the process efficient and manageable. That’s why AMP offers stakeholders a series of tools and services, including the development of narratives for features and functions, storyboard concepting, story diagrams and journeys, and other hybrid design tools that communicate logical flow, along with an inferred interaction design and IA.


A story diagram for a new game matchmaking platform helps flesh out initial UX designs and flows - but also envisions a phased approach to design and development.

Because clarity is key, we formulate our design processes to be highly collaborative and transparent, with an emphasis on engaging real-world customers and partners, to ensure that all ideas are rooted in human needs and tested on real users.




Prototyping: Sampling Reality

In bringing a new digital product to life, it’s easy to get caught up in the creative exploration and objective itemizations that happen in the visioning and requirements phases. However, that tendency rarely results in the fastest path or most valuable results. We’ve found that once stakeholders are able to observe actual customers interacting with a prototyped version, the product vision can evolve beyond the original exploration very quickly.



Prototypes may take a variety of forms, from hand-sketched video stories and maps of applications to both low and high-fidelity wireframes, or even entire user stories, demonstrated in full fidelity on native devices.



We prototype solutions heavily, as part of both concept development and concept testing. In doing so, we come to understand proposed features much more intimately and get a sense of the scope and scale needed to complete that feature. When looking at a working model together, stakeholders are better able to make objective judgments about the value of each potential solution.


Our Work


We understand that each brand brings into the digital space its own singular combination of needs, opportunities, values, and objectives. The unique characteristics of each partnership, combined with our collaborative approach and highly adaptive processes, have inspired us to help create a wide variety of digital platforms, products, services and experiences for partners of all sizes across virtually every sector.



As the world’s most valuable soccer club sought new ways to support and expand its global following, Real Madrid enlisted Microsoft and AMP to develop a vision for in-stadium and match-day content features that would increase subscribership and convert casual supporters into serious fans.

Our design vision focused on innovative new ways to experience a live match via mobile - from incorporating real-time player biometric data to connecting stadium fans during play.

Our out-of-stadium experience centered on pre-game analysis, exclusive videos, and connecting local fans to each other to view matches together. The mobile app also extended marketing efforts by enabling users to purchase a full range of Real Madrid content and merchandise.


Slacker Radio


As part of our digital rebranding of Slacker Radio, we redesigned the brand’s popular iOS apps to focus on a user experience that would drive more subscriptions. The redesigned apps helps serve as a demo of the product itself, and showcases Slacker’s all-new brand expression by highlighting its unique stations, fine-tuning dials, and semantic search.



We partnered with DirecTV to generate concepts for its new on-demand video experiences and personalized advertising products, based on emerging viewing behaviors and new technology capabilities. Our iterative prototyping effort kept stakeholders engaged in the development of exciting new possibilities.



TaylorMade’s customizable golf clubs enable golfers to maximize accuracy and distance by adjusting the face and weight of the club head to their own swings. But, for the launch of its groundbreaking new R1 driver, TaylorMade enlisted AMP to go even further, so we developed an app so effective it became part of the physical product.

The R1 mobile tuning app lets golfers customize and adjust their drivers’ club heads on the course, in real time, helping differentiate the R1 from a highly competitive field.

The app also extends marketing efforts by allowing additional opportunities for users to browse the full range of TaylorMade products on the go.




The purchase of the G4’s parent company, NBCUniversal, by Comcast spurred a pivot in strategy for the formerly gaming-heavy, young male-oriented network. The new vision set its sights on a more valuable target – the affluent male – and digital was to play a key role in earning and retaining this desirable audience.

AMP partnered with G4 to develop a unique, digital-first strategy and content ecosystem model, leveraging themes from on-air content into engaging digital experiences, such as digital magazines, serial second screen engagement, e-commerce destinations, local content, and utility-driven mobile apps.

This new digital strategy led the user experience design and content approach for G4’s evolution into Esquire TV, which continues to executes on our vision to earn daily interactions with its new demographic.

Microsoft Game Studios


As part of our multi-screen strategy to support Microsoft’s blockbuster Halo franchise, AMP implemented a series of seamless, always-on touch points between the game and its Halo: Waypoint companion experience.

True to its function, we developed digitally connected apps to act more like a foot soldier’s sidearm — easy to access, quick to utilize, highly functional. They served as a complementary – but equally immersive — experiences to the more holistic admiral’s level view offered on the console.

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