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Crafting the perfect experiential blueprint for consistent live marketing.

With the growth in “experiential marketing” now topping the list of touch points for marketers, the need to bridge the physical experience with digital engagement—and understand its impact—is at an all time high. 

Driven by once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Verizon engages audiences on-site at thousands of events where they can interact directly with their customers, reinforcing the value of Verizon’s services. The Amp tech team was engaged in partnership with Verizon’s main experiential agency to create and manage a centralized, flexible event marketing platform. 

The platform allows Verizon to easily build, present, activate, track and engage with hundreds of thousands of people through every experiential marketing event—and afterwards, too.


Discovering Loyalty: Verizon’s Audience Puzzle

When it comes to engaging with audiences at live events, Verizon wanted to  interact and learn about them. They needed data to know if consumers knew about the brand, liked the products, if they had attended an event where the brand was a sponsor, and measure their brand loyalty. We were determined to help them with these ever-evolving questions.


Data-Driven Event Mastery

The Amp tech team was tasked with designing, developing and implementing a self-populating CMS for Verizon. The goal was to capture several thousand points of data and direct more than 1,500 events on an annual basis for Verizon. The intelligence platform that was designed offers intuitive, easy to manage control over every event. In all, data is gathered at thousands of events and from hundreds of thousands of participants.

The easy system set-up allows for the user to create as many interactive game-driven events as desired. The thousands of data points collected from the CMS are then pushed to the database, and can be used to improve future experiences. Each one of the numerous interactive “games” inspire the audience to play and share data.


Gamifying Data Collection: Verizon’s Smart Play

Our Tech team developed several interactive games to coincide with the Verizon Intelligence Platform. One of the goals during creation was a game that would persuade the audience to come back and try again. The seamless event functionality solves that problem by notifying the participants of rewards and brand messages provided by Verizon. As you can see below from the examples, each one of the interactive games inspire the audience to play and come back for another try, while successfully collecting the data needed. 

One of the fan favorite interactive games on the platform is the Digital Trivia Matching Game, in which the participants have 4 questions that they try to match with 4 proper answers in the fastest time possible. The ranking system is simply based on the time it takes the participants to complete the questions. The winners are then notified of rewards if they are one of the top performers. 

A rather important feature within the Verizon Intelligence Platform is the ability to collect individual, audience, and event data from the participants. The platform even allows the event manager to learn about each individual customer, large scale audience trends and insights surrounding each of your events—all at a glance.

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