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@FructisRocks: A Social Media Experiment

What do hippies, hipsters, Garnier Fructis, and Twitter all have in common? Bonnaroo '09. In 140 characters or less, Bonnaroo is: a farm fest ft. 80+ acts. A place where hippies sing along w/ Snoop and hipsters dance to Phish; where cleanliness and clothing are optional. So how did Garnier Fructis and Twitter fit into all of this? In addition to sponsoring free hair washing at the Bonnaroo salon for the third year in a row, Garnier kicked it up a notch and decided to reach out to Bonnaroo-ers in the Twitterverse on a more personal level, providing them with real-time tweets of what was happening both inside and outside the Fructis salon. (And yes, I'm fully aware that the use of the word Twitterverse validates me as an official Twitter geek. At least I didn't use 'tweeple'?'?¦) Whether it was encouraging them to stop by and pick up some swag, talking about Snoop Dogg's hair, or meeting up at the late-night Girl Talk set, followers of Garnier's Twitter page were appreciative of the live on-site updates and personal interaction: ripsy@FructisRocks Thanks so much for all the love! See ya in '10! kristinalustig@FructisRocks it was awesome meeting you at 'Roo... I used some of my free stuff today and it works beautifully. :-D I guess I will have to come check you out because of your personal response. Effective social media marketing! And while it felt a little like online dating (or what I would imagine online dating to feel like) as people identified themselves by their handle, it was a great way to provide Garnier Fructis' consumers with a brand interaction unlike anything they've experienced before. Having a name and a face they could relate to blurred the line between an experiential marketing campaign and a couple of music enthusiasts bonding over an experience of a lifetime. And the result? Well, you can see for yourself: www.twitter.com/FructisRocks... 'The good, the bad, and the ugly: Garnier Fructis' Twitter station saw it all!'?

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