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5 Ways To Implement Nostalgic Marketing

If you’ve ever watched an ad or TV show and felt fond memories of simpler times rushing back to you, then you’re familiar with nostalgia. Connecting with a brand’s positive concepts or ideas from the past is referred to as nostalgic marketing. The goal is to create campaigns that trigger fond memories of comfort and security causing consumers to have positive associates with the brand. The emotions that viewers experience with specific brands serve as an escape from reality. While the concept is not new, it’s become more popular in recent times and is used by companies of all sizes across all industries, from Coca-Cola to the Walt Disney Company and that’s because it works.  There are plenty of brands that have created notable “throwback” campaigns over the past few years targeted at millennials, GenX, and GenZ. From reboots of beloved television shows, limited runs of signature throwback packaging, or collaborations of new and #TBT music remixes, these all successfully promote sentimentality. If Stranger Things doesn’t scream “the ‘80s”, then I don’t know what does. The Netflix original series lays the nostalgia factor on thick, complete with Eleven’s vibrant and geometrically fabricated outfits to Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove’s hairstyles. The creators of the show have perfected the balance of fond memories and futuristic innovation to keep viewers hooked with the heartwarming storyline and CGI that brings the Demogorgons to life from the popular game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Fast-forwarding to the ’90s, the hit HBO Max show, Euphoria, has brought back glitter and Barbie’s baby blue eyeshadow.  In season two, the cast adorned their lids with bold flicks of blue leading fans to take to Instagram and TikTok to show their best takes on the show’s top makeup moments, according to Instyle. With Y2K taking over, vibrant colors are back and brighter than ever.  Nostalgic marketing is an effective way to inspire brand affinity and encourage consumers to romanticize memories of the past. Here are 5 ways to implement nostalgic marketing: 1. Tune into Social Media: With the resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic powered by social media creators and influencers, gaucho pants and platform sandals have found their way back to our timelines and into our hearts. Social media is a melting pot of nostalgia where you can reminisce and feel connected to a larger community of people with shared interests. Social platforms are full of conversations and content about what consumers miss from the past, the memories that bring them back to their childhood, and what brands left a mark along the way. Scrolling on TikTok or Instagram allows consumers to find out what’s trending from the past. It is important to keep your ear to the ground regarding trends to know what to do when injecting nostalgia into a future campaign. Think about a brand and how it could’ve improved from back then to now. 2. Focus on the audience:  The best nostalgia marketing effort resonates with multiple audiences. Brands need to understand their audience and keep in mind that the generation that first experienced the product or service will immediately be drawn to the campaign because of the nostalgia factor. In the beauty realm, Colourpop has been nailing this with their recent throwback collabs with Lizzie McGuire, and Malibu Barbie. As history repeats itself, nostalgia is now and TikTok is where Gen Z sets trends for what’s in and what will fly off the shelves.  3. Supply and demand: Consumer preferences and shopping trends are always changing, which is why brands frequently discontinue and launch products. With social listening, brands can take into account the backlash they are receiving for taking away beloved products. If the conversation is large enough, the brand might consider bringing the product back to the customers' delight.  4. Pull on those heartstrings: What story can be told? Is there a fan of the brand who has been following the company’s moves for a while? Make the brand feel human and embrace the 5 senses that dig deep into the brain’s memories. Recently, the Harry Potter crew had a reunion (Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts) on HBO Max. The special took place at Warner Bros. Studio which is home to the beloved sets of the Harry Potter movies. As many people streamed the reunion, a flood of emotions filled the cast and viewers when reliving the films. 5. Don’t rush it: You are working with human emotions so your approach must be strategic and full of effort. A quick turnaround campaign will feel rushed and a money-grabbing stunt. Make your audience want more while also feeling satisfied with what you have given them.   Keep listening to your customers to figure out what makes your audience nostalgic. Allow your brand to bring comfort to many during these unpredictable times by connecting and embracing the familiar.  Best-in-class brands listen to the voice of the customer to make strategic decisions to ensure their campaigns create warm feelings for their customers while also shedding a positive light on the brand. Time to shake up your Magic Eight Ball and bring memories to fruition!

Guide to Understanding Web 3.0: NFTs in the Metaverse

Understanding Web 3.0: Your Guide to NFTs and Guide to the Metaverse What is an NFT? A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset. NFTs are not interchangeable, and each one is unique. NFTs can be used to represent items such as digital art, collectibles, and in-game items. What is the metaverse? The metaverse is a term used to describe the virtual world in which people can interact with each other and with digital objects in a realistic way. the metaverse is a natural extension of web 3.0, which is the next stage of the internet. Web 3.0 is often described as a more user-friendly and interactive internet, where users can easily connect and share information. What is Web 3.0? In the vein of Web 2.0, Web 3.0 refers to the next generation of the internet. It is expected to be more interactive, intelligent, and user-friendly than Web 2.0. Some of the technologies that are often associated with Web 3.0 include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain. How are NFTs used in the Metaverse? Since Web 3.0 is still in its infancy the relationship between the metaverse and NFTs is still be explored and in many ways, created. NFTs could be used to create and represent virtual assets in the metaverse, or they could be used to create unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that can be shared and experienced by people in the metaverse. A major difference between early metaverses and the web 3.0 metaverse will be the widespread presence of virtual currencies, digital tokens, and NFTs. How to create an NFT? There are a few different ways to create an NFT, but the easiest way is to use a service like Decentraland. These platforms allow you to create and manage your own digital assets, and they also provide a marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs. The general steps that go into the creation of an NFT will differ as platforms evolve but usually: The artist creates a digital or physical piece of art The artist submits the artwork to a minting service or platform. The minting service or platform verifies the authenticity of the artwork. The minting service or platform mints the artwork into an NFT. The NFT is stored on a blockchain and can be bought, sold, or traded like any other cryptocurrency. How to buy NFTs? NFTs can be bought in a variety of ways, including online marketplaces, online auctions, and directly from the creators themselves. Some of the most popular NFT marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. To buy an NFT, you will need to create an account on one of these marketplaces and deposit cryptocurrency into your account or contact a creator directly to exchange crypto wallet addresses. How to sell an NFT? The process to sell and NFT is similar to the buying process. Generally the most common way to sell an NFT is through an online marketplace. There are a number of online platforms that allow you to list and sell your NFTs, and the most popular ones include OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. When listing your NFT for sale, you will need to set a price and provide a description. It is also a good idea to include a link to the digital file so potential buyers can preview it.   Best NFT marketplace? While there are many to choose from, as of 2022 OpenSea is the largest and most popular NFT marketplace with over 2 million users. It has a wide range of NFTs available for sale, including art, collectibles, and gaming items. OpenSea also has a built-in wallet so you can store your NFTs in one place. How to buy land in the metaverse? The best way to buy land in the metaverse will vary depending on the specific virtual world you are interested in. However, generally when buying metaverse land you should do your research and make sure you understand the virtual world you are interested in and the process for buying property within that world. Also remember never to spend more than you can afford on metaverse land. Should you invest in the metaverse? Some people believe that the metaverse will be a powerful and influential force in the future, while others believe that it is nothing more than a fad. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to invest in the metaverse. However, it is worth remembering that there is singular metaverse, so while the concept may gain more widespread adoption your favorite metaverse could fail and stop existing. How to make money with NFT? There are a few ways to make money with NFTs. The most common is to create and sell them. You can also earn royalties from selling NFTs, or from having your NFTs used in games or other applications. Finally, you can earn interest on your NFTs by holding them in a wallet that supports NFTs.

Google Trends Search Insights March 2022

In our continuing series of examining Google Search Trends to gain insights into the top keywords queried in the USA, we present our findings for March 2022. Every day, we capture the top three keyword phrases in terms of search volume as reported by Google Trends (US Only). Each term has an estimated query volume attached to it, which we also record. The number scale tops out at 10,000,000+ with a lower limit of 200,000+ (sometimes 100,000+). After the conclusion of the month, we look at the phrases we collected along with their volumes to get an understanding of what drove queries for the month. Will Smith Broke Google Trends Well, let’s not bury the lead. The biggest story from our collected data stems from The Slap Heard ‘Round The World. There was a huge spike in search volume related to the slapper, Will Smith on the night of the Oscars.. Because of the large number of searches, it made the reporting of Google Trends’ daily trends a little funky.  We’ll examine those queries in their own section below, but the rest of the month did have some other interesting search topics. There were other topics related to the world of entertainment outside of the Oscars. We’ll examine what movies and TV shows people were hoping to see. March Madness took up a lot of real estate in Google Trends’ report so we’ll take you through those queries, and we think we know why weather-related keywords are getting more queries lately. Without further ado, here are our insights into Google Trends for March 2022.   The Other Top Quered Phrases For March 2022 Beyond Will Smith, there were two other  topics that drove over 10 million queries in a day. Those topics were attached to Google Doodles, which become queries when someone simply clicks on the altered Google logo. Winter Paralympics - 3/3/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Rosa Bonheur - 3/15/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries The Winter Paralympics were held between March 4th and 13th and interest in the games was supported by Google Doodle.  The French painter Rosa Bonheur was celebrated on what would have been her 200th birthday.    Holiday Searching - March 2022 Style This year, March was full of holidays.  Let’s take a look at the list. Ash Wednesday - 3/1/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Mardi Gras 2022 - 3/1/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries International Womens Day - 3/7/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Pi - 3/14/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries St. Patrick's Day 2022 - 3/16/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries April Fools pranks - 3/31/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries The start of Lent kicked off March and people interested in both Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday took to Google to learn more about those holidays. One of the members of our AMP SEO team went to New Orleans to see the celebrations first hand and lived to tell the tale!   The highest queried holiday in this list was International Women’s Day, which occurs every March 8th.  This holiday has picked up in search interest over the last 5 years.  It looks like there was a lull in 2020 (gee, I wonder what else was happening around March 8th that year?) but has rebounded nicely to where the interest was in 2018.  An unofficial holiday that is celebrated on March 14th is Pi Day.  Since Pi the mathematical constant of the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is 3.14 (rounded up), it corresponds with the month number and day of March 14th.  Let’s see the five year trends of Pi Day. The search interest peak for this holiday happened in 2018. During the pandemic, the interest took a big blow but it appears to be back on the rise. Holidays present a big opportunity for marketers.  How can you use these upward trending holidays in your plans for 2023?   Since these two queries were aligned with the passage of time, we’re discussing here in the Holiday section. Google searchers also wanted to know more about Daylight Savings time for two different reasons.  Daylight savings 2022 - 3/11/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Daylight savings time - 3/15/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries The first reason was to figure out when to change the clocks.  The second reason was to find out more about Congress trying to keep Daylight Savings in place for good.  We’d like the time to stay in one place but it probably should be Standard time (sorry).   Entertainment That Wasn’t The Oscars Ceremony Here is the list of all the TV shows, films, and trailers that were released in March 2022 that made the Google Trends daily top 3: The Dropout - 3/3/2022 - 500,000+ queries Pieces of Her - 3/4/2022 - 200,000+ queries ACM Awards 2022 - 3/6/2022 - 500,000+ queries Turning Red - 3/11/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Deep Water - 3/18/2022 - 500,000+ queries Where the Crawdads Sing - 3/22/2022 - 200,000+ queries Bridgerton - 3/25/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Moon Knight - 3/29/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Morbius - 3/31/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries The Dropout, Pieces of Her, Bridgerton, and Moon Knight are all shows that you can stream and the spike in search interest corresponds with their release date.  Turning Red, Deep Water, and Morbius are all films that were released last month.  Where the Crawdads Sing is a film that is adapted from a novel and its trailer dropped on the 22nd. It will be shown exclusively in theaters in July.  Lastly, the American Country Music awards were held on the 7th and, for the first time, were not on network television. The show was streamed on Amazon to mixed reviews. Queries related to this award show were probably related to understanding where one could watch them.   The Effect Of Extremely High Query Volume There are some events that occur that drive people to search.  The last one we saw was the November 2020 Presidential Election. Looking back at those insights, the queries were stretched out over many days.  The immediate reaction of Will Smith slap on The Oscars caused a big spike in queries during a short amount of time.  Here’s our recording of the queries: Will Smith - 3/27/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Will Smith Oscars - 3/27/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Will Smith - 3/27/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Here’s a screenshot from Google Trends’ Daily Search Trends page:    It’s not often you see the same query in the first and third position. The volume of searches were too much for the reporting module to take.   We noted in the February report that the Oscars had a down year in 2021 in terms of search interest and we would be monitoring the trend in March. Any guesses if the trend is up or down this year?  Here’s the chart: This chart is of the Academy Awards topic over the last five years.  It’s hard to decipher if the search interest would have been as high as it's shown here without the slap but it’s clear that it is much higher than it’s been since 2018.   News Queries As the Russian Invasion of Ukraine continues, so do queries related to it persist in Google Trends. Ukraine nuclear power plant - 3/2/2022 - 200,000+ queries Ukraine nuclear power plant - 3/3/2022 - 500,000+ queries Oil Prices - 3/7/2022 - 100,000+ queries Unlike February 2022, there were only these three queries that made Google’s daily top 3.   March Madness Throughout The Month The most persistent topic during March 2022 was the NCAA basketball tournament.  Take a look at how people searched for their teams, the matchups, and the tourney itself over the month. Duke basketball - 3/5/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Michigan basketball - 3/9/2022 - 500,000+ queries NCAA bracket - 3/13/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries NCAA Tournament - 3/16/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries March Madness - 3/17/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries NCAA Tournament - 3/17/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Baylor basketball - 3/19/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Gonzaga - 3/19/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Michigan basketball - 3/19/2022 - 500,000+ queries Duke basketball - 3/20/2022 - 500,000+ queries Duke Basketball - 3/24/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Texas Tech basketball - 3/24/2022 - 500,000+ queries NCAA basketball - 3/25/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Duke Basketball - 3/26/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Kansas basketball - 3/26/2022 - 500,000+ queries Duke vs Arkansas - 3/26/2022 - 200,000+ queries UConn women's basketball - 3/28/2022 - 200,000+ queries Clearly, there are a few Duke fans out there.   Players Making Moves In The NFL The most popular sport in the USA from a search perspective is the NFL.  The league doesn’t stay out of the Daily Trends of Google Trends for long - even in the off-season. Russell Wilson - 3/8/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Carson Wentz - 3/9/2022 - 500,000+ queries Tom Brady - 3/13/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Von Miller - 3/16/2022 - 500,000+ queries Davante Adams - 3/17/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Deshaun Watson - 3/18/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Matt Ryan - 3/21/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Tyreek Hill - 3/23/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries All of these players made changes of employment.  Most of them are going to play for another team next year, except for Tom Brady who just can’t stay retired.   Weather Queries Aren’t Getting More Popular But …they are becoming easier to plug into Google’s search bar.  As a part of a user’s Google Discover feed, there is a clickable button that leads to Google search results that are tied to weather queries!  Because of this new feature, millions of queries related to extreme weather are now appearing in Google Trends. Winter Storm Warning - 3/11/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Severe Thunderstorm warning - 3/29/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Mystery solved!  We didn’t think that people were suddenly really, really interested in the weather but one never knows.   Tech Woes, Tech Shows Finally, the two top Tech queries from March 2022 happened on the same day. Spotify - 3/8/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Apple - 3/8/2022 - 500,000+ queries Spotify had a major outage on the 8th as Apple had an event announcing their newest devices and operating system release dates.  Not having Spotify makes pulling Google Trends data mor difficult for some reason.   Thanks for reading. If you liked this article, we utilize search trends data for all of our clients and we invite you to learn more about our SEO services. Until next month.

TikTok Influencers Effect On Search Trends

Mikayla Nogueria: How Much Influence Does She Really Have? (According to Google Search Trends) Mikayla Nogueria (@mikaylanogueira on TikTok) has changed the world of consumer buying habits with her TikToks that average 2 million views per video. Viewers immediately became enamored with Mikayla and her honest reviews of beauty products and trends. There’s no holding back with her bold and authentic Boston personality that just makes you want to trust every word she says! Her page offers candid reviews, beauty tips, and stunning makeup looks that have resulted in over 9 million people following her account. She is also the queen of body positivity and motivational talks, we love that! Me, being an SEO specialist, lover of TikTok, and frequent viewer of Mikayla’s videos(including being influenced to buy some of the products she recommends), I was curious to see how her TikToks of reviewing products with millions of views translated to Google search trends and Google search results. I figured with how influential she is, that has to have some effect on Google search, right? So I went ahead and pulled Google search trends and Google keyword planner data from her recent videos reviewing viral makeup products. Let’s take a look into how those performed!   Mikayla Nogueria’s TikTok Videos and Their Effect On Google Search Trends TikTok #1 Starting off with a TikTok Mikayla posted on December 20th, 2021 that received 3.3 million views of her reviewing the “NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush”, which singer and celebrity Madison Beer swears by. Mikayla had to see if Miss Madison was telling the truth and tested out the product for us. She gave the product stellar reviews stating that the blending, pigmentation, and color were amazing (definitely adding this to my cart later)! This video received over 500k likes and 2,000 comments but what happened to the Google search results after this video was posted? I pulled Google Trend data for the keyword “NARS Liquid Blush” and analyzed the week it was posted, including the days leading up to the post and after. We can see that before December 20th, this product wasn’t really trending, but it began to climb after Mikayla posted her TikTok. Now, this looks promising so far right? But I’m thinking we should look at a few more examples before coming to a conclusion because we love not only a material girl but a research girl.    TikTok #2 Let’s move on to another viral product that Mikayla tried on January 11th, 2022: pastel chromes from Chaos Makeup(this product gives very much Euphoria vibes). This video has almost 10 million views with almost 2 million likes and close to 10,000 comments! This product was given the stamp of approval by Mikayla which resulted in it completely selling out, we stan supporting small businesses. But did this translate to Google Trend results? Yes. It. Did. Let’s go, Mikayla! We can see an instant peak in trend results for “Chaos Makeup” beginning on the day Mikayla posted and reviewed the product. But again, what are we? A research girl, so let’s look at a couple more videos to further prove that Mikayla is a TikTok beauty review goddess.   TikTok #3 The next day, January 12th, Mikayla reviewed Charlotte Tilbury’s (an icon in the beauty industry rn, we love her) new foundation, and her video received over 2.8 million views. Charlotte Tilbury has been slaying with their contour and blush sticks and their flawless filter that gives your skin that perfect glow. When they announced their new product, of course, Mikalaya had to put it to the test! The product is Mikayla approved (unsurprisingly because we love C Tilbs), she even stated that this will be the foundation she’ll be using for her wedding makeup! The video amassed over 440k likes and 4,000 comments but let’s see how this affected Google trends and search results. As we can see in the graph on the left, the Google trend results shot up by 300% the day Mikayla’s TikTok was posted. In the graph on the right, we can see that the monthly search volume shot up by over 1,000% in January 2022 compared to December 2021. We’re still seeing a pretty consistent trend of an increase in both Google trends and search results after Mikayla reviews a product on TikTok.   TikTok #4 On January 19th, 2022 Mikayla reviewed the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara, another product that went viral! With over 1.5 million views, Mikayla gave it a thumbs up and was obsessed with how natural it made her brows look. Her video gained 222,000 likes and over 1,000 comments but did we see this same kind of volume in Google trends and search results? In the graph on the left, we see an immediate increase of 250% in Google Trends on the 19th when Mikayla posted the video, love that for her! On the right, we see the monthly search volume increased by 120% from the previous month. So far we’re 4/4 for Mikayla’s videos and their positive impact on Google Trends and search. Even though this is very impressive for Mikayla, I thought to myself, do her sponsored videos perform just as well?   Mikayla Nogueria’s Sponsored TikTok Videos and Their Effect On Google Search Trends Let’s start with some background information! Sponsored videos are typically noted with a hashtag, #ad, in the caption stating that the individual was paid by the company to promote/review this product. Mikayla got her start on TikTok from reviewing makeup products organically, so of course, brands started to realize the influence she has on consumer buying habits and wanted to use her influence to promote their products. Get that coin Mikayla! We know with her authentic personality that she would never promote a product just for a check, but because she truly likes and uses that product herself, so keep it up queen.   Sponsored TikTok #1 The first sponsored video I took a look at was her review of the “Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum” on December 7th. The video received over 1.6 million views and 94,000 likes and over 700 comments. Before Mikayla was even sponsored by Glow Recipe, they reached out to her earlier in the year asking if she could try it and give it her honest opinion. It quickly became her favorite moisturizer and she’s been using it for months!  In the graph on the left, we can see the keyword “Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum” shoots up by 200% in Google Trends the day after the TikTok was posted. On the right, search volume was up 270% from the previous month, jumping from 590 results to 1,600, iconic!   Sponsored TikTok #2 Mikayla’s next sponsored video was her reviewing the “Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation”, aka one of the most iconic drugstore foundations, on December 20th, she gave it stellar reviews and it garnered over 1.1 million views and 100,000 likes, and over 1,300 comments. Everybody loves a product that is great, but also doesn’t break the bank so I have a feeling this video is definitely going to impact some trends and search results. No shock here; We see on the left that the Maybelline foundation keyword blew up by 110% on Google Trends within the day of Mikayla’s TikTok video being posted. The Google search results also increased by 110%, jumping to a thousand monthly search results in December 2021.    Sponsored TikTok #3 On January 3rd, Mikayla is sponsored by Makeup Revolution and reviews their 5D Lash Mascara. The video received over 900k views, 110k likes, and 900 comments with Mikayla stating the mascara made her lashes look beautiful! She’s also sporting a red lip in this video, something she rarely does because she doesn't typically like red lipstick but we love it on her! Anyways, let’s see what the results were for the keyword “Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Mascara”. Google Trends for “Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Mascara” shot up by 200% following the 1 to 2 days after Mikayla’s TikTok was posted! And on the right, we can see the search volume grew by over 1,000% in January 2022 compared to December 2021, we love to see it!   Sponsored TikTok #4 The last sponsored TikTok of Mikayla’s that I took a look at was posted on January 19th featuring the company Peach & Lily and their “Glass Skin Refining Serum” product. Mikayla talks about when she used to work at Ulta and she would sell Peach & Lily like crazy! She’s been a fan of this brand for years so it’s great to see it all come full circle for her. She follows the video up by demonstrating how to use the products correctly, again, we love that. The Google Trend results went up by 200% over the past week as we see an increase in trends after the video was posted on the 19th. Similarly, we see an increase in search volume for “Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum” in January 2022 of 480 monthly searches as opposed to 390 monthly searches in December, meaning an increase of 120%! Looks like Mikayla is 4/4 on her sponsored TikToks and their effects on Google Trends and search results.   Mikayla is A Major Influencer When It Comes to Google Trends and Search Results. Period. I think we can all agree with the conclusion that Mikayla Nogueria has some serious influence when it comes to Google Trends and search results! The days of advertising have completely changed with the TikTok platform and Mikayla is definitely a pioneer in the movement. Being able to see how TikTok videos and trends impact Google search results warms my little SEO heart and has made my love for TikTok grow even more. By comparing the organic versus sponsored TikTok videos, the only difference I noticed was a drop in views, likes, and comments for sponsored content but since the Google Trends and search results are consistent, they seem to be just as effective in getting viewers to search for the product online. Also, the videos Mikayla organically reacts to are typically ones that have gone viral, so it makes sense those videos get more engagement in comparison to sponsored videos. All in all, Mikayla has done an amazing job at being a trustworthy influencer when it comes to makeup and beauty and it’s amazing to see the impact that she has on Google Trends and search results.

Katelyn Crowley, VP Talent Acquisition Chats With Authority Magazine

“In a world where there are so many people shouting, I want to hear from the silent observer.”                                                                                                                       - Katelyn Crowley, Vice President Talent Management & Organizational Performance, AMP Agency and Advantage Solutions Katelyn Crowley leads AMP’s human resources department, as well as many other agencies in the Advantage network. The post-pandemic job market is a fierce one, and she has taken this time to increase her knowledge and create and implement talent acquisition strategies that can thrive in the current competitive landscape. Katelyn shared her insights with Authority Magazine in their latest article. Read the full article here.

Cori Geiger - AMP Agency Employee Spotlight

“Loneliness isn’t the same as aloneness. You are lonely when you are living an unfulfilled life, as opposed to experiencing being alone, that teaches you peace and tranquility. My soul is full”                                                                                                      - Cori Geiger, Senior Project Manager, currently driving around the USA in her van as a solo female traveler   The pandemic left many unemployed, and pushed us to revert back into our consciousness to become more aware of what truly matters in our lives; what adds value. Being a remote-first company, AMP believes in enabling our employees to work with passion, but never to lose the inspirations that push them to be their individual best selves. Working remotely has allowed so many employees to achieve life-long goals of living in their dream cities, or spending time with family. For our very first employee spotlight, we’d like you all to meet Cori Geiger, who is taking full advantage of living life to her fullest, all while exceeding in her professional career here at AMP.    When the pandemic hit, Cori Geiger, 29, was faced with a life-changing experience when she lost her job and had to move back in with her mother. Fast forward to October 2021, she built a van from scratch and has traveled to more than 25 states with her dogs, Ellie and Roo, and is crushing it as a full time senior project manager at AMP Agency. She has over 45,000 followers on social media glued to her travel diaries every day.   We sat down with Cori and had the most wholesome conversation: Was the #vanlife ever a possibility for you? How did you come to the decision that this is how you want to live your life? C: It was never a thing. I worked in events for a while and got laid off after covid hit. Soon after, I had to move in with my mom at 29 years old, I honestly felt like a failure. I lost everything I built up to that point. The five months that followed were crucial to my psychological reset, I had been hustling my whole adult life and never paused to take a break- It was almost as if I had a clean slate and I saw it as an opportunity. This time gave me the brainspace I needed to slow down and really think about what I truly value in life. A big win for me was getting hired by AMP who just decided to go fully remote, it was like a wake up call. The idea really came from a Youtube series on tiny houses and living the minimalist life, so I was always intrigued by living small! And then when I discovered #vanlife it all clicked that this just made sense for my life.   So, how did you start the project? Where did you start? Did you build the van yourself? C: It was definitely a process- I was trusting the process mostly. I bought the van in January 2021, and it took me over 8 months to fully build it. With my full-time job, I spent most of my time after work and on the weekends on the van. I had to use resources on the internet and extensive research to bring the van to life, so alongside all the building, I was learning so much about the whole process. Almost as if I was building my life back together from scratch, by myself. In September 2021 the van was complete and I hit the road on Labor Day weekend.  Check out the final product in this Youtube video.   Talk to us about the plan you had in mind- any maps or travel itineraries? C: I did have a plan for the east coast, and ended up driving faster to avoid the climate conditions that brutal winter weather New England is hit with every year. When living the van-life, you have a loose plan, butit’s very interchangeable and a lot of it is made up on the fly, going with the flow.    Were you scared initially?  C: Being a solo female traveler, I was scared for the first few months getting into the van. I had to get past the mental aspect of being afraid, and traveling and working full-time. There is real actual fear when you feel in danger, and then there is anxiety and worrying about the “what ifs” - those are very different and after time you learn to calm down the anxious fear. Just like anything, the more you practice the more comfortable you get. There’s a stigma around solo female travelers and how unsafe it is to be alone, but from my first hand experience, I feel very safe the majority of the time.    About work… How did you get yourself focused, given you being on the road 24/7? C: At first it does feel like you’re on vacation, and I was definitely in vacation mode. But then it hits you.. This is your life and your home. So just like you would get settled in a new home, I also got settled in the van as my home and started creating daily routines that helped me stay focused and productive.    Talk to us about your experience with strangers while on the road C: So funny story… once during traveling I got my van stuck (badly), and some strangers offered to help me. It took two whole hours out of their day and about 4-5 kind strangers stopped what they were doing to help me. Being on the road, I got out of the negative spin that “the world is a terrible space.” Energy is everything, your energy attracts the energy you give off.    Being a solo-traveler, how do you treat loneliness?  C: Well, loneliness and aloneness are two very separate things. Just because I am alone in a van doesn’t mean that I’m lonely. I feel super fulfilled every day, in my aloneness. I wake up everyday excited for the possibilities, and am proud of my life so I don’t ever have time to sit around and feel lonely because I am just so happy with each new day.    That’s beautiful, how about your two little furry travel companions? C: Yes! I’ve had Ellie for two years, and just adopted Roo while I was still on the road. I sensed  that Ellie might need a furry friend while on the road, and there came Roo. Now they are best buddies and I can tell Ellie is enjoying the road a lot more with her buddy and Roo is the absolute sweetest pup!   What is one piece of advice you’d like to give to the one reading this? C: If you have a goal and it seems really hard and out of reach, take those baby steps, just take that one step forward, no matter how small or big. You have to trust your gut and follow it’s calling. This is my message to you: GO FOR IT! --- This brings our employee spotlight of the month to an end. We are amazed at the life that Cori has built for herself, all while excelling in her career as a senior project manager here at AMP Agency. Oftentimes we get to hear people doing all these cool things, but the stories behind those humans are what enable others to take risks and bring more value to their lives. While what Cori is doing has its fair share of struggles, the reward is nourishing her soul. She has taught us that with a set goal in mind, the willingness to learn and quite literally build your life back up with your bare hands, you have a chance of living your dream life too. Cori’s travel diaries and life inspire us daily. We are lucky to have her as an employee, but more importantly, we are lucky to have her as a human of AMP. Stay shining and stay growing, Cori.    Be sure to follow her travel escapades on social media: Instagram: @cori.ontheroad TikTok: @cori.ontheroad Van Life Resources + Links: https://beacons.ai/coriontheroad      

Google Trends Search Insights February 2022

In our continuing series of examining Google Search Trends to gain insights into the top keywords queried in the USA, we present our findings for February 2022. Every day, we capture the top three keyword phrases in terms of search volume as reported by Google Trends (US Only). Each term has an estimated query volume attached to it, which we also record. The number scale tops out at 10,000,000+ with a lower limit of 200,000+. After the conclusion of the month, we look at the phrases we collected along with their volumes to get an understanding of what drove queries for the month. Well, That Was Quick We always feel like February comes and goes so quickly. Since it has less days than the other months, it makes sense. During its 28 days, we collected search queries from Google Trends. There were some big topics to query last month including the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the War in Ukraine. Overall, there were 9 keyword phrases that were queried over 10 million times in February 2022, which is only 2 less than the previous month.  Maybe we just did more in less days last month. Along with the aforementioned topics, we’ll examine the top queried phrases related to the world of entertainment, politics, and the weather. Winter can bring some tough conditions and we need to know how to deal with them.  Google seems to be the tool to help us learn more and figure out the best course of action.  Here’s our take on the search trends of February 2022.    Doodles To Noodle You know the score:  Google changes their logo to a clickable visual.  Those clicks become queries to their engine and they get counted in Trends.  These three phrases were triggered by Doodle clicks: Lunar New Year - 2/2/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Toni Stone - 2/8/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Dr Michiaki Takahashi - 2/16/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries The Lunar New Year made our list again. We saw it first as a Doodle on January 31st but the Doodle fun lingered into February.  Toni Stone was celebrated on the 8th as she was the first of three women to play professional baseball. Her Doodle was published in honor of the 1 year anniversary of her induction into the Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame.  Dr Michiaki Takahashi invented the first chickenpox vaccine and his Doodle coincided with what would have been his 94th birthday.   Holidays February has some minor holidays.  Let’s take a look at the ones that made the daily top 3: Groundhog Day 2022 - 2/1/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Valentine's Day - 2/14/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries We went a little further to understand the popularity of these two holidays over time.  Let’s just say the data tells two different tales: Groundhog Day is gaining popularity and riding a 2 year wave, with a peak in interest this past February. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is decreasing in search popularity and has been on a 4 year skid. For Google searchers, a season-predicting rodent is better than a box of chocolates.   The TV & Movies Were Worth Searching For February had an interesting mix of video entertainment that made the Google Trends daily top 3: Tommy Lee - 2/2/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Jackass Forever - 2/4/2022 - 500,000+ queries Inventing Anna - 2/11/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Uncharted - 2/17/2022 - 500,000+ queries John Mulaney - 2/26/2022 - 500,000+ queries Euphoria Season 3 - 2/27/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries For movies, Jackass Forever and Uncharted were released last month and drove interest on their opening nights.  For TV events, The Pam & Tommy miniseries debuted on Hulu last month and drove queries for Tommy Lee.  Inventing Anna was released on Netflix and piqued the interest of Google users. Towards the end of the month, John Mulaney, who is no stranger to the Google Trends daily top 3, made the list due to his hosting of Saturday Night Live. His entry on February 26th was his third appearance since May 2021.  Lastly, the season 3 finale of the HBO original series Euphoria captivated searchers to learn more about the episode.   It’s awards season so people want to know more about the performers getting nominated for and winning awards. Oscar Nominations 2022 - 2/8/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries SAG Awards 2022 - 2/27/2022 - 500,000+ queries The Oscars had a down year in 2021 in terms of search interest.  We’ll monitor and report next month if the awards show had a turnaround in interest this year.   In The News When news breaks, people search.  The biggest news story in February was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but there were other stories that triggered queries in Google. Jeff Zucker - 2/2/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Similac recall - 2/17/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries CDC mask guidelines - 2/25/2022 - 500,000+ queries Jeff Zucker resigned from CNN because of his relationship with a colleague and Similac and other baby formula brands were recalled following complaints about bacterial infections in infants who consumed the products. Finally, after several months of COVID-related queries that were not so great, the CDC relaxing mask guidelines drove queries on the 25th.   Ukraine Invasion It’s been in the news and on our minds for a couple of months now.  We present this timeline as a record of how the war has unfolded via search queries. Ukraine - 2/11/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Ukraine - 2/21/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Russia - 2/21/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Ukraine - 2/22/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Ukraine - 2/22/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Russia Ukraine - 2/22/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Ukraine - 2/23/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Russia - 2/23/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries NATO - 2/23/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Fox News - 2/24/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Russia invades Ukraine - 2/24/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries SWIFT - 2/26/2022 - 500,000+ queries From this list, we saw some duplication in the list as the search volume was very high for this topic on the 22nd and 23rd. In the past, we have seen Google Trends have an issue with duplication of phrases, especially on keywords that have a huge spike in interest. We’ll keep collecting the top 3 phrases of the day, hoping that the conflict comes to an end.   Politics Topics Last month, there was a nominee for a new Supreme Justice.   Ketanji Brown Jackson - 2/24/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Ketanji Brown Jackson husband - 2/25/2022 - 500,000+ queries The AMP team found it interesting that not only did the candidate’s name make the daily top 3 but also queries about her husband. We guess it’s interesting that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is related to former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan through marriage.   President Biden’s first State of the Union address drove queries on the 28th. State of the Union - 2/28/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries State of the Union 2022 - 2/28/2022 - 500,000+ queries We wonder if users needed to refine their search to include the year since it seems as Google should have been able to give up-to-date results on the first query.   Tech Sector Keywords From the world of technology, there were subjects that people queried to understand better and gain information. Samsung - 2/9/2022 - 500,000+ queries Truth Social - 2/20/2022 - 500,000+ queries Starlink - 2/26/2022 - 500,000+ queries On the 9th, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event took place and the new S22 series was unveiled.  Donald Trump’s long awaited social media platform launched on the 21th and Elon Musk launched Starlink on the 26th.   Winter Weather  Snow, ice, and wind are a big part of winter weather in the USA.  Here are two weather related phrases that made the daily top 3: Winter Storm Warning - 2/16/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Snow squall - 2/18/2022 - 500,000+ queries We don’t think we have figured out the Winter Storm Warning query yet since it has appeared numerous times over the past few months. We thought there was a Google-enabled automatic query for the phrase, but it may be an aggregation of related phrases for the purposes of Google Trends Daily Trend reporting. You can see that the volume on the topic has exploded only recently: It’s odd because there have been winter storm warnings issued by the National Weather Service before 2022.  We are not sure why they are becoming a topic that Google is picking up on now. Who learned the definition of a snow squall this year?  It looks many people did.   This Year’s Winter Olympics The 2022 Winter Olympics were held in Beijing and although the TV ratings were down, there was enough search interest for the games and the athletes to report in our post. Winter Olympics - 2/3/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Shaun White - 2/3/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Olympic medal count - 2/4/2022 - 500,000+ queries Eileen Gu - 2/6/2022 - 500,000+ queries Nathan Chen - 2/7/2022 - 500,000+ queries Eileen Gu - 2/8/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Shaun White - 2/10/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Nathan Chen - 2/10/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Women's figure skating - 2/17/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries The volume on the first query of this list was assisted by a Google Doodle. Other than that, interest in the games did spur keyword queries throughout their duration with specific athlete’s names being the most searched for topics.     What Time Does That Big Game Start? Every year, the NFL’s championship game drives search queries. It is still the most popular sporting event in the USA and the search volume proves it. It may be popular, but people still need to verify when it’s happening. Superbowl Kickoff time - 2/11/2022 - 500,000+ queries What time is the Super Bowl - 2/12/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Check out related queries from the past 3 years: Super Bowl time - 2/5/2021 - 500,000+ queries Super Bowl 2020 time - 2/1/2020 - 2,000,000+ queries Super Bowl Time - 2/2/2019 - 1,000,000+ queries The AMP SEO team thinks that knowledge of the kickoff time is important for party meal prep.  You have to know when to start the chili or put the wings in the oven so they are ready for the game.  Here are the other keywords related to the Super Bowl that made our list:  Super Bowl 2022 - 2/12/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Mary J. Blige - 2/12/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Joe Burrow - 2/13/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Super Bowl score - 2/13/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries NBC - 2/13/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Notable queries include Mary J. Blige, who was among several different performers of the halftime show, and Joe Burrow, the losing quarterback of the game.  Both of them must have more star power than the others.   Thanks for reading. If you liked this article, we utilize search trends data for all of our clients and we invite you to learn more about our SEO services. Until next month.

AMP’s Top 10 Superbowl Ads of 2022

After Super Bowl 56, we polled AMPers to find out their top 10 ads. Their picks? The silliest, unexpected, and most star-studded spots the night had to offer. Check them out below.    Coinbase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zLsUhOCqyU What AMPers are saying: Incredibly simple, unexpected, and disruptive. The Coinbase QR code was simple. It got people to get up, pull out their phones, and it hit the corner of the screen as a cherry on top.  Amazon Alexa, Mind Reader - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0UEAr8I9G8 What AMPers are saying: Hilarious, innovative, favorite celebrities featured.  Uber Eats, Uber Don’t Eats - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri-rXPw5Cnk What AMPers are saying: Simple and silly. This spot had emotional attachment and humor! Plus, Jennifer Coolidge makes everything better.   Toyota, The Joneses - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtQIz5pkwwg What AMPers are saying: Fun twist on a common phrase, funny and classic.  Rocket Mortgage, Dream House - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukLeyxOA8uk What AMPers are saying: Nostalgic, but still very relatable. Planet Fitness, What’s gotten into Lindsay? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnoVFlMMdK8 What AMPers are saying: Amazing comeback for Lindsay and promotion for Planet Fitness.  Squarespace, Sally Sells Seashells - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0rl8j5631Q What AMPers are saying: Alliteration at its best. Squarespace did a great job of showcasing benefits in a fun way.  Pringles, Stuck -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP2up9N6H-g What AMPers are saying: So funny and self-aware. Michelob Ultra, Superior Bowl - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rcw6GdCQC8 What AMPers are saying: Cinematic, loved the Serena Williams feature!  Lays, Golden Memories - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KjatG0hqwE What AMPers are saying: Simple idea, hilarious execution.  Data doesn’t lie, and neither do AMPers! See you next year. 

Google Trends Search Insights January 2022

In our continuing series of examining Google Search Trends to gain insights into the top keywords queried in the USA, we present our findings for January 2022. Every day, we capture the top three keyword phrases in terms of search volume as reported by Google Trends (US Only). Each term has an estimated query volume attached to it, which we also record. The number scale tops out at 10,000,000+ with a lower limit of 200,000+. After the conclusion of the month, we look at the phrases we collected along with their volumes to get an understanding of what drove queries for the month. Welcome to 2022  We flipped another page on the calendar and here we are. Although the number has changed, we still hear from people who say 2020 has been the longest year ever. Writing these posts gives us a different perspective.  The whims of the audience using Google Search are ever-changing and to document it monthly helps to put the passage of time into clearer focus. As we look back at January 2022, it appears no one is searching for “Who won The Voice 2021?” That phrase is sooooo December 2021. From our collected data, we saw a large number of keywords that were queried over 10 million times as reported by Google Trends.  We also saw the concern regarding Russia’s amassing forces at the border of Ukraine drive searches in Google. Interest in the NFL, which is definitely the most searched American sports league, came to life across 24 phrases we collected (out of 93).  Lastly, with winter in full effect, we saw a big increase in a certain weather related keyword.  Let’s get into it.   The Top Queries from Google Trends’ Daily Search Trends Not sure why, but January 2022 had a larger than typical number of phrases that Google Trends recorded as being queried over 10 million times. There are so many that we need to break them into different categories to examine them properly here in this post rather than just list them all out in one section.  Let’s look at the top phrases related to sports: Antonio Brown - 1/2/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Alabama vs Georgia - 1/10/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Green Bay Packers - 1/22/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Rams - 1/22/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Super Bowl 2022 - 1/30/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Joe Burrow - 1/30/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries When you quit your team in spectacular fashion, people will query your name.  That is the case with Antonio Brown as he left the field mid-game on the 2nd.  The College Football Playoff National Championship was held on the 10th and drove search interest in the outcome of that game. The remaining phrases are all NFL-related and are a mix of the victorious and the defeated (sorry, Packers fans).   One note on the Super Bowl phrase, our team at AMP agency has uncovered a keen insight for marketers who seek to tie their efforts to the Big Game.  Super Bowl search interest traditionally starts in earnest right after the outcomes of the conference championship games.  If you’re looking to capture the attention of the audience who is planning Super Bowl parties or other activities related to the game, dial up your campaigns 2 weeks before it.  That’s when the mindset changes!      Two holidays drove people to search last month. Here’s the data we captured for them: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - 1/16/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Lunar New Year - 1/31/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries The query numbers for both holidays were assisted by Google Doodles.  Modified corporate logos on Google’s site tends to drive many queries of the topic the Doodle is associated with, including this Polish avant-garde sculptor:  Katarzyna Kobro - 1/25/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Google posted this Doodle in honor of what would have been the artist’s 124th birthday. Lastly, there were a couple of keyword phrases related to celebrity deaths and births: Bob Saget - 1/9/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries Betty White birthday - 1/17/2022 - 10,000,000+ queries When there is a celebrity death, the search volume on their name spikes and we see it in the Daily Search Trends.  Bob Saget’s death was surprising and drove over 10 million queries.    On what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday, Google updated their results to show an animated overlay in tribute to the late actress.   This Google result Easter Egg could be seen throughout the day on the 17th.   Tensions On The Ukraine Border The news of Russia building up its armed forces near Ukraine led people to search in order to learn more about the escalation: Ukraine - 1/19/2022 - 200,000+ queries Ukraine - 1/23/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Ukraine - 1/24/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries You can see that the need for updates and news on this situation was a multi-day affair.   From the World of Entertainment It’s always interesting to see what’s distracting us from more pressing issues. If you want to know what’s hot in entertainment, check out Daily Search Trends from Google Trends: Daniel Radcliffe - 1/1/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Eternals - 1/11/2022 - 500,000+ queries Adam Sandler - 1/11/2022 - 500,000+ queries Scream 5 - 1/14/2022 - 200,000+ queries Moon Knight - 1/17/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries When We Were Young Festival - 1/18/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Jeopardy! - 1/26/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Neil Young - 1/27/2022 - 500,000+ queries So, here’s our breakdown of the list. Daniel Radcliffe was in the Harry Potter reunion special called Return to Hogwarts.  Why people searched his name rather than the special is unknown.  Google Trends is odd like that.     The film, Eternals, started to stream on Disney+ on the 11th and the fifth installment of the Scream movie franchise hit theaters on the 14th. A trailer for the Disney+ series Moon Knight premiered on the 17th and the lineup for the When We Were Young Festival was announced on the 18th.   A rumor about Adam Sandler’s death that was started and spread on TikTok drove people to query his name. At this writing, those rumors are unfounded. Amy Schneider’s winning streak came to an end on 26th, pushing the game show name into the Google Trends daily top 3.  Lastly, Neil Young wanted off of Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan’s podcast.  He got his wish on the 26th.   Winter Comes With Warnings There were a few storms that triggered winter storm warning alerts in the month of January 2022 and we saw when they happened by looking at Google Trends: Winter storm warning - 1/5/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Winter storm warning - 1/28/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Winter storm warning - 1/31/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries The AMP SEO team is looking into the uniformity of the query over these three days.  We believe that the phrase is attached to a Google search feature or Google Trends is compiling multiple “winter storm warning” phrases under one heading.  Once we learn more, we’ll report it. We wonder if this query will become more commonplace in the daily top 3.   Other News Items When news breaks, people search.  While we were dealing with winter storms in the USA, Tonga was dealing with a volcano causing many types of disruption. Tonga - 1/15/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Back at home, people seeking to get rich quickly were searching to learn more about the Powerball jackpot that grew to over half a billion dollars. Powerball - 1/1/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Powerball - 1/4/2022 - 2,000,000+ queries Congrats to the winner! Last month, we stated that we didn’t want to report on any more COVID terms but here we are: IHU variant - 1/4/2022 - 500,000+ queries Thankfully, there were not any other COVID queries in January 2022.    Wha? Taco Bell Has Wings? Taco Bell offered wings for a limited time and the excitement for this new menu item was seen in Google Trends. Taco Bell wings - 1/6/2022 - 500,000+ queries The AMP SEO team loves to see food items make the daily top 3.  We’ll keep watching to see if and/or when wings come back.   The Top Business Queries There were a good number of keyword phrases related to different business items so we grouped them together for this section: Microsoft - 1/18/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Peloton - 1/20/2022 - 200,000+ queries Google Docs - 1/24/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Dow Jones - 1/24/2022 - 1,000,000+ queries Microsoft reportedly is acquiring Activision Blizzard and drew interest from the gaming crowd.  Peloton announced they were going to halt production of its bikes and treadmills as demand waned.  On the 24th, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 450 points and Google Docs rolled out a new watermark feature. Both topics were big enough news to drive people to search and learn more. January Is For The NFL If you don’t know already, topics related to sports drive many people to search in Google.  The NFL playoffs happened throughout the month so there were many keyword phrases related to the team, games, and players in our database. Since a few of them made the 10 million plu query club, we thought we’d just showcase the 5 million plus queries to round out the story.   Raiders - 1/9/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Cowboys - 1/15/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries NFL - 1/15/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Rams - 1/16/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Chiefs - 1/16/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Buffalo Bills - 1/23/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries Tom Brady - 1/29/2022 - 5,000,000+ queries All of these teams played in the playoffs, with Tom Brady’s retirement making headlines (even though it wasn’t official) on the 29th.  Next month, we will examine the Super Bowl queries leading up to and on the day of the championship game. Thanks for reading. If you liked this article, we utilize search trends data for all of our clients and we invite you to learn more about our SEO services. Until next month.

Media Director Shoshana Przybylinski Discusses Podcast Ad Buys

Podcasts are a rapidly growing platform but still feel like a new frontier for advertisers. AMP Media Director Shoshana Przybylinski discussed her podcast ad-buying experience in Marketing Brew’s recent piece, ‘The host-read ad is still king, but podcast advertisers are experimenting with programmatic ads.’    “Shoshana Przybylinski, media director at AMP Agency, says she still buys a lot of podcast ads directly—with no tech involved—depending on the client. ‘It really depends…If [the client is] local, we’ll typically buy through a network or programmatically, just because we can’t waste any media dollars on something that’s going to run nationally,” Przybylinski said. “So that’s definitely when we would lean more towards the network buying. But sometimes you do want that host connection, and that’s when you would go to the show directly’.”   Get up-to-date on the great podcast push by reading the full story here.

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