Why Smart Brands Are Embracing the 'Living Logo'

Brands are moving beyond flat, motionless symbols for their corporate identities toward dynamic, ever-changing entities known as "living logos." In some ways, the concept of a living logo isn’t unique to the digital age. In the 1980s, televised MTV promos featured a logo in which the "M" was constantly changing colors. This was the first time a logo went from being static to animated. More than a mark.

Interaction16 Trends from Adobe

Did you make it out to Helsinki for iXDA’s annual Interaction conference this year? If so, you don’t need to read this article. In all other cases, take a look at what the world’s interaction design community talked about.The big topics included AI, Conversational Experiences, and Internet of Things. This is a great round up, including links and videos. Eat it up. Thanks, Adobe. Trends from Interaction16 in Helsinki

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