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Polaroid + Digital Camera = Bad Romance (Lady Gaga pun most definitely intended'?¦)

Nerd alert! The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES for those in the know) wrapped up this past weekend with a 3D flurry of tablets and mobile phones galore. I'm not even remotely close to being considered a techie, but I always find myself excited to hear about the 'next big thing'? when the convention rolls around each year. After scrolling the headlines and skimming through countless product launches that were over my head, I noticed Polaroid. Around this time last year Polaroid announced Lady Gaga as Creative Director, which seemed like a smart move for a seemingly 'dying'? brand that desperately needed an injection of style and creativity after going bankrupt (again). Polaroid had become a cult favorite among hipsters and the fashion industry, who mourned when film type after film type was discontinued over the years. In comes Gaga, who collaborated with Polaroid on a new product line called Grey Label, to save the day. According to Polaroid, the Grey Label products 'Showcase the Magic of the Polaroid Instant Experience.'? Don't get me started on the ridiculous GL20 Camera Glasses (fashionable Ray Ban Wayfarers these are not). Let's look at the GL30 Instant Digital Camera first. The camera, looking clunkier than ever, holds up to 10 photos, has a digital display and several filters and borders to choose from. No more waiting for the ink to dry, and gone are the days of having to make each shot really count. The GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, which Lady Gaga claims she pulls out at bars, allows consumers to send pictures from their GL30 Instant Digital Camera or Smartphone via Bluetooth. Um, ok. While Lady Gaga pulling out a (sort of) tiny printer at a bar and sharing hard copies with friends sounds cool, I can't imagine that I'd get the same reaction from my friends. Not to mention the fact that the printer isn't compatible with the iPhone, arguably one of the best camera phones on the market (check out this video to hear the resounding 'boos'? in the crowd when Gaga drops that bomb). In terms of photography in 2011, instant experience to me is taking a picture on my Smartphone and sending it to friends, or posting to my social network. These Polaroid 'improvements'? ruin everything endearingly kitsch about this brand for me. So'?¦marketers, Polaroid enthusiasts and/or Little Monsters, will this launch reinvent the Polaroid brand? Or, do you agree that it's somehow not really a Polaroid if you don't shake it? Sources: http://polaroid.com

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