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Five Things CMOs Want in 2017

According to Hugh Kennedy of Ad Age, brands’ chief marketing officers will be looking to agencies to mix measurement with creative in 2017 and use these tools to prove ROI for marketing spend. In addition, taking a broader look at brand stories and understanding how to demonstrate brand relevance based on consumer needs will be priorities for success. Read the full list here.

  • December 16, 2016

How Teen-Focused Retailers do Instagram

A new report by L2 found that in the second half of 2015, brands began to post more on Instagram than they did on Facebook, year over year. One obvious reason was that changes in Facebook’s algorithm. But another was that certain brands, especially those targeting teens, found that the more they posted, the more people interacted with them.  For teen-aimed retailers, Instagram is lit.

Amazon Prime Music's top challenge? Getting Prime members to notice it

Spotify, Apple Music, and the now defunct Rdio dominate news about the music industry and streaming services. Amazon Prime Music was built for customers who loves music, wants access to a lot of music, and not the customer who used to spend a lot music and needs access to every single thing, but it is hardly used. Why doesn’t anyone use Prime music?

  • November 24, 2015

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