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How we used authenticity to propel Naked Juice to its highest-ever
market share while maintaining its premium pricing.

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For most of its existence, Naked Juice stood alone atop the super premium juice category. As Naked’s Agency of Record, AMP helped expand and reinforce that position over a six-year period that saw Naked grow from the blankets of Santa Monica beach to become an international PepsiCo brand. But, as the competition caught wind of an opportunity, a slew of rivals soon burst on the scene to spark a price war.

Here’s how we helped Naked Juice maintain category leadership with its highest-ever market share, while upholding a premium price point in the midst of a price war.

our roles 

  • Agency of Record
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Experiential
  • Creative & Content Development
  • Web & Mobile Web Development
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Point of Sale
  • Display Advertising
  • Paid Search Strategy
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • SEO


Explosive category growth and a slew of new competitors led to widespread commoditization, sparking a super-premium juice price war. As the incumbent category leader, Naked Juice needed to protect its position and stand apart from its challengers, while sticking to its premium price position.


Naked Juice’s long-held authentic pursuit of quality, transparency and social responsibility mirrors the values and worldview of its customers. By owning the emotional high ground in the category, we could create a reason for people to pay more for the brand.



To affirm Naked Juice’s unimpeachable credibility as the most authentic super-premium juice, we activated the brand’s core audience – known as “Bare Believers” – with a values-based brand strategy that gave rise to a new integrated campaign: Live Naked.

With digital leading the charge, Live Naked extended its reach across all channels, to put these ideas into action at every relevant every touch point.

Branding: Expressing Principles Through Iconography

The Live Naked campaign is based on 3 simple truths that weave together Naked Juice’s beliefs, practices and products with clear messaging and simple iconography.

Naked Juice Iconography

These truths are communicated on the product label, at events and across digital media to demonstrate that Naked is not just selling what’s inside the bottles, but the philosophy that goes into them as well.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Views

Web Redesign: A Hub For the ‘Believer’ Community

Propelled by a goal to drive trial for new flavors, the redesigned provides a modern hub for product information and community news. Naked’s diverse family of juices is presented within a dynamic “virtual shelf” that allows a visitor to quickly find a juice by simply selecting a category, flavor or benefit.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Views

Advertising: Further Extending The Values System

Display ads extend Naked Juice’s values system into paid media, driving awareness and consideration, while leveraging the Live Naked campaign to drive purchases with Facebook coupon promotions.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Views

Integrated Promotions: Grassroots Events

Our offline extensions took the Live Naked message to grassroots events and brought it right to the doorstep of influencers and advocates nationwide.

By putting Naked Juice’s values into action, we were able to connect with the community base, while helping spark the launch of new Naked products and flavors.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Views

Integrated Promotions: Point-of-Sale

We used retail activations that drive trial and repeat purchase to integrate the Live Naked value system - turning a coupon offer into an opportunity to back up the brand’s commitment to “do the right thing.” POS messaging also encouraged Bare Believers to participate in the Live Naked conversation across social media channels.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Views
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Views

Social Media: Building a One-on-One Dialogue

“Bare Believers” make up an active and passionate community that consistently shares its experiences with Naked Juice products. Our curated social engagement editorial calendar helps Naked meet them where they are – on their terms.

By participating in an authentic two-way conversation and supplementing it with compelling content, we maintain relevance and reinforce brand equity drivers.

rPet Bottle Video: Making Social Responsibility Fun

As Naked Juice released its new, 100% recycled and recyclable bottle into the wild, it asked us to create a fun, engaging, educational piece that explains the technical innovations behind Naked’s altruistic endeavors. Our solution was a fast-paced spot, narrated by television personality Dan Woren. Using YouTube’s massive community and intuitive linking structure, we extended the video’s reach beyond the Bare Believers to include health, nutrition and environmental bloggers and influencers as well.


Platform Planning

To implement this platform we prioritized journey touch points, established channel roles and focused resources where Naked Juice could achieve its greatest impact.

Naked Juice Ecosystem

Web Redesign

Drives trial and weaves together Naked Juice’s beliefs, practices and products.

Display Ads

Drives awareness and consideration by extending Naked’s values system communications into paid media.

Integrated Promotions

Connects the community base while helping to sparking new product and flavor launches.


Drives advocacy by delivering the Live Naked message to the doorstep of influencers and advocates.

Point of Sale

Drives trial and repeat purchase by connecting brand values to consumers at retail.

Social Media

Boosts advocacy and awareness via a curated editorial calendar that supplements authentic conversation with quality content.


Transforming Naked Juice from an incumbent fending off a price war into a cutting-edge digitally-led brand helped lift its market share to an all-time high, without ever lowering its premium price point.


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