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An intuitive web experience for a new type of customer.

The AMPXD™ team worked with Sentient Jet to reposition their offering for a changing customer base, overhaul their web experience and elevate the brand. 

We designed a responsive web experience to better communicate the company’s value proposition and take them to the next level. A refreshed visual language helps set them apart from the competition and establishes them as the innovator in the jet card space.


Refocused, Polished, Accessible

Sentient Jet sports a wealth of product offerings and a polished brand, but they were poorly represented on their website.  They initially focused more on the luxury lifestyle and were not tuned to their current value proposition.


Establishing a New, Refreshed Identity

During the engagement, AMPXD™ helped redefine the overall brand pillars and identity of Sentient Jet. This was then brought to life on the website via clean UX, engaging visuals and articulate copy. The website CMS was constructed in a modular/component-driven framework enabling the marketing team to author new content and manage all site content, while maintaining the new brand standards. Final piece was a revamp of their SEO Strategy.


Our Competitive Positioning

Sentient Jet is a more thoughtful way to fly. The brand is professional, yet not pretentious. Practical, yet sophisticated. Though they are an experienced brand, they are still innovators.


Boosting ‘Private Jet Card’ Visibility

Improving search result visibility on phrases that drove leads like “private jet card”. Update navigation and hierarchy for blog content. Maintain current rankings by employing permanent redirects for all URLs that changed based on the relaunch.

  • SEMRush for full site ranking performance and competitor performance insights
  • Google Keyword Planner for search query volume
  • Google Analytics and Search Console for user behavior and business insights

AMP created a new page that was focused on ‘private jet card’ as they had multiple pages for their different offerings but not an optimized top level page. The new page became a top 5 result for the phrase in Google at launch. Blog sections were consolidated and older posts were archived to give active posts a lift in visibility and drive awareness for the brand.


Innovative & User-Friendly

We built in a modern, component-based WordPress CMS architecture allowing Sentient Jet to easily manage and grow the website to meet evolving marketing needs. This includes adding ability for authors to create dynamic landing pages with different SFDC forms to support campaign initiatives.

Part of the effort was in migrating and merging existing blog and editorial content from their old site into the new site, and ensuring the content met the new look and feel standards.

We also needed to redefine the data model for the site’s dynamic areas (aircraft sizes, card types) and build relationships between them, so that specific aircraft sizes were related to specific card types.


Major Leap in Jet Card Rankings

On the phrase, “private jet card”, the site now ranks in position 3 in Google search results. Prior to the relaunch, the site ranked in position 8. On the phrase, “jet cards”, the site now ranks in position 4 which is an improvement from its position 7 result prior to relaunch. Lastly, the site now ranks in position 4 on the phrase “private jet card programs” – an increase of 41 positions from its ranking before the relaunch.

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