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GM, Lyft to Test Self-Driving Electric Taxis

It hasn’t taken General Motors long to figure out how to spend its $500 million investment in Lyft. A month after the carmaker said it would use some of those funds to rent SUVs to prospective drivers, the partners unveiled plans to begin testing self-driving taxis on public roads in California.   Reshaping the auto industry

(Video): Zipcar's Co-Founder on the Biggest Challenge Facing Elon Musk's Hyperloop

Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar, explains in a minute why self-driving cars will be a better and cheaper alternative for point-to-point traveling rather than large, transportation infrastructure projects. Which one are you rooting for?

Tesla is the new Red Bull: Every brand wants to be it but can't pull it off

Driven by a simple, focused business goal and brought to life through the charisma and vision of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has become a brand many wish to be, all without a CMO or advertising budget. Tesla's unique business model, disrpution of the status quo in a major industry, and allure of "promised ownership" through pre-sales has resulted in significant earned media as everyone waits in anticipation for their next move. Read more here.

5 Instagram Tips From Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has mastered Instagram (50,000 to 100,000 likes per post) by telling powerful stories and using compelling imagery. Their tips: (1) Create content specifically for the platform; (2) Accept that Instagram is about brand building, not selling; (3) Focus on how millennials shop and make decisions; (4) Don’t be afraid to hand over the reins to influencers (even dogs); and (5) Consider it a long-term journey with your customers. And don’t forget about aesthetics.

Carmakers Partner with Niche Brands to Stand Out

As the luxury vehicle market gets more crowded, car manufacturers are seeking out small, craft-oriented brands to give them some extra luster – a combo of rareness and quality. Successful partnerships put these cars on the radar of new buyers who would have never considered them. Does your Mercedes need Robbe & Berking Champagne flutes?

The Challenger Rises: 5 Questions with Audi USA’s Loren Angelo

An interview with Audi USA’s marketing director illuminates some of the choices Audi has made to move into the #1 luxury spot, despite being outspent three-to-one by Mercedes Benz and Lexus. “A challenger brand doesn’t mean we only challenge the competition, but we communicate how we challenge the status quo and challenge complacency in our industry and in culture.” How Audi stays in the cultural conversation

  • February 25, 2016

UX Issues Will Make (Or Break) Self-Driving Cars

Cars that drive themselves are already arriving to market, one button or software update at a time. But the truth is, it’s not about getting the technology right, it’s about getting users to trust it. Carmakers are failing at creating experiences that calm users and clearly communicate what the car can and cannot do. Do you trust the cars?

The unstoppable decline of the car industry

At CES 2016, Ford CEO Mark Fields proclaimed that Ford is not just an automotive company: it is a mobility firm. Networked transportation companies like Uber will become better, stronger, and supercharged even more by the rise of autonomous vehicles.  Driving and car ownership will become the horseriding of tomorrow

Ford's FordPass app is the beginning of the end of car ownership

Although the features and functionality of Ford’s new app are not revolutionary, the focus on customer ‘mobility’ vs. car sales is. With features such as FordGuides and FlightCar the new FordPass app is dedicated to ensuring all consumers are able to easily and enjoyably get from one destination to the next, whether in their home city or traveling in a new location. Explore FordPass here.

Cars Will Be the Talk of CES This Year

A decade after Ford became the first automaker to have an executive give a keynote speech at CES, nearly one quarter of the floor space at this year’s show is dedicated to the automotive industry. Ford is morphing from a traditional automaker - that makes money from producing and selling cars - into one that taps into helping people get around, including car-sharing and shuttle services.  CES has turned into a major auto show

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