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A Long-Term Relationship: From Runway to Crosswalk

I've been wearing stripes for about a year and a half now ' fully confident they are still on trend thanks to support from not only supermodels, but supermodelquins (Ã la Old Navy). The nautical-inspired trend went from runway to crosswalk with extreme speed and has lived far longer than the average fashion plate would have expected. In this long-term trend shopping basket you can also place oversized sunglasses, leggings, plaid (although color changes by season), gladiator sandals, neutrals, and even shorts with tights. Go no further than the bins of last year's spring clothes in your attic to freshen up your closet this season. Here's my simple theory: the recession has turned fashion on its tousled head. Even the most fashion-driven consumers simply don't have the cash to be investing in a new wardrobe each season. They demand looks that are versatile and can transition from season to season with the addition of an accessory or two. So far, it seems what consumers today are demanding, is what fashion brands across the spectrum are providing. So if you call yourself a fashionista, the next time you see a top, shoe, accessory, or bag on a woman and say to yourself, 'That's so two years ago,'? look down. You're probably wearing something she could say the same about!

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