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Twitter's New Profile Means New Strategy for Brands and Users

This past month, social media darling and now publicly-held corporation, Twitter, announced an upcoming redesign of its user profiles. The updates were first unveiled on select VIP profiles, including equally cool First Lady Michelle Obama @flotus and band @Weezer. The changes are now being rolled out to all users. How can you adapt your personal or corporate brand? Follow these 4 simple step. Focus on visuals & video Profile photos and header images receive much more real estate on the new Twitter page. User photos are now 400-by-400 pixels, and the header image is recommended to be 1500-by-500 pixels ' larger than even Facebook's cover. Videos, too, are gaining prominence. Now, video content can be filtered and exclusively searched by users. More image and video space means that individuals and brands must use higher-resolution visuals to maintain a professional image. As social media content quality improves, the strategy behind it must improve as well. Companies should curate visuals to accurately and clearly represent brand message, given that this material is most prominent on the page. Now that both Facebook and Twitter showcase large graphics, it may seem efficient to use the same images for both.  However, brands should differentiate content strategies for each platform in order to keep both micro-bloggers and social networkers intrigued. Aim for engagement Twitter has also shifted away from equal post display to showcase each user's most engaging content. Tweets that generate more activity in the form of retweets, favorites and @replies now appear slightly larger in your feed. Twitter's new sizing puts more emphasis on a brand to have an engaging content calendar. Teams must now plan for marketing opportunities during big events and strategize larger social media campaigns. Otherwise, it will be easy for users to identify a lack of engagement with the audience. Recognize your strongest messages Twitter is slowly moving away from its steadfast practice of showcasing tweets in reverse chronology. Users can now manipulate their accounts and pin a preferred tweet to the top of their profile, in an effort to build more engagement around important messages. Tweet pinning gives brands an opportunity to highlight their most important messages, particularly timely news such as sales or promotions. Pinning also allows users to make a second impression with the audience. If an important message was overlooked, it can now be reestablished it at the top of the feed. This may eventually eliminate the need to focus on posts' timing; however, brand and individuals must continue to monitor top performing tweets as only one tweet can be pinned at a time. Know what you're looking for With over 645,000,000 users on Twitter, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Twitter's new profile allows viewers to better organize their viewing experiences by filtering others' tweets. Tweets can be viewed alone or with replies, and tweets with photos or video can be organized separately. Twitter's filtering process again places emphasis on engagement, rather than content generation. Brands should continue  to engage with their audience in the form of retweets, @replies, and ongoing dialogue. These interactions will not only build brand loyalty, but may also invite other customers to begin a conversation with the brand. What's your Twitter strategy given the new layout? Share with us in the comments section below.    

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