July 21, 2009

AMP Agency Acquires Search Marketing Agency

Press Release, July 23, 2009
AMP Agency Acquires Massachusetts-based Search Marketing Agency Rock Coast Media
Search Marketing Firm Expands Digital Marketing Offerings Under AMP Agency Services

AMP Agency, a full-service experiential marketing agency, today announced its acquisition of the operating assets of Rock Coast Media, Inc., an interactive marketing agency focusing on search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media strategy. Effective immediately, Rock Coast Media's staff joins AMP Agency's Boston-based office.

AMP Agency's 2008 acquisition of award-winning Fulgent Media Group broadened AMP Agency's breadth of award-winning creative, interactive, integrated PR and experiential marketing services to include digital focused media strategy and planning across emerging media platforms. Now, the addition of Rock Coast Media significantly enhances AMP Agency's comprehensive media offerings with the addition of full search engine and social media marketing capabilities, disciplines that continue to show considerable industry growth and influence as part of effective media strategies.

"The web 2.0 environment is pushing marketers to rethink their digital strategy and they should have the ability to partner with an agency which can provide comprehensive strategic and deployment services under one budget, and optimize against it," commented Gary Colen, CEO, AMP Agency. "With the addition of Rock Coast Media's search offerings, AMP Agency rounds out its integrated social and display advertising solutions, allowing brands to leverage full-scope marketing services alongside innovative technologies to maximize their online investment and extend the impact of campaigns."

The acquisition of Rock Coast Media brings to AMP Agency a full team of seasoned and digitally focused marketing executives, as well as adding a client portfolio which includes strategic guidance and search engine optimization services for such notable companies as Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line. Rock Coast Media co-founders Stephen Anderson, President, and Joshua Pike, Vice-President, will join AMP Agency and remain in their current roles, directing Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") technology and marketing strategy for a wide range of clients. AMP Agency clients include such notable companies and organizations as Maybelline New York, U.S. Cellular and MASSPORT.

Karen Macumber, SVP of Media Services, AMP Agency offered, "We are excited to have Rock Coast Media, a firm we have worked with and long admired for its innovative thinking and results-driven approach, join AMP Agency. AMP Agency is now uniquely positioned to benefit our clients, with the ability to create and execute a unified and synergistic digital media and PR strategy utilizing the most effective media and peer-driven platforms. Our clients will see measurable returns from our expanded and cohesive offerings."

Stephen Anderson, President of Rock Coast Media, stated, "As the digital space continues to evolve with new ways to reach and engage consumers, search in tandem with social media is proving increasingly important to the overall effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Rock Coast Media's integration into AMP Agency marks an exciting move for our agency as we aim to enhance the process by which clients can achieve maximum performance and value from their media effort."

About AMP Agency
AMP Agency is a full-service marketing agency that combines strategic planning, compelling creative, innovative execution, and measurable results to help our clients' success and marketing dollars exceed the traditional. Whether it's inside the home, out on the road or across the digital space, AMP connects clients with their target audience by designing brand experiences that are built where consumers live, work, shop and play.

June 21, 2009

AMP Named #24 on PROMO's Top 100 List

PROMO Magazine, June, 2009
AMP Agency Ranked #24 in PROMO Top 100 Promotion Agency List

PROMO Magazine, an online and print publication serving the marketing professionals at consumer product and service companies, retail chains, internet businesses, marketing agencies and supplier companies, recently listed AMP as #24 of the top 100 promotion agencies in the USA.

The ranking highlights each of the 100 agency's 2008 net revenue, two-year growth, total number of years in the business, and net revenue per employee. The list also includes the top five services the agency offers.

June 21, 2009

AMP Agency Listed to Event Marketer IT List

Event Marketer Magazine, June, 2009
AMP Agency Listed as Top in the Country for Event Marketer IT List

Event Marketer Magazine, which serves the information needs of brand-side event marketers and agency executives across the spectrum of face-to-face media, listed AMP Agency as one of the top 100 Event Agencies in the country. This list does not have assigned numbers for each agency - the agencies are listed alphabetically.

Here's what Event Marketer said about AMP:
Three hundred sixty-five days a year just aren't enough for AMP, which last year activated more than 80 campaigns and 10,000 event days spanning in-market and in-store experiences for clients such as U.S. Cellular, Burt's Bees and Heineken. As if that weren't enough, AMP also moved its interactive group from New York to Boston, acquired Frontline Marketing to reach checkout locations at 8,000 supermarkets and mass merchandisers and then opened a Virginia office dedicated to field marketing.

September 25, 2008

AMP Agency Acquires Fulgent Media Group

Press Release, September 25, 2008
AMP Agency Acquires Boston-based Fulgent Media Group
"Fulgent Media" strengthens "AMP Media" placement services with focus on emerging media under award- winning agency

AMP Agency, a full-service experiential marketing agency, today announced the acquisition of Fulgent Media Group, a full-service media agency providing strategy and placement services with focus across emerging digital media platforms. Named a Hot 100 company and Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2007, Fulgent Media Group's staff joins AMP effective immediately, under the newly named AMP Media Services.

AMP Media enhances AMP Agency's existing media efforts focused on providing clients with effective and progressive advertising solutions and marks an important addition to the agency's breadth of award-winning services offering complete planning and program execution, inclusive of creative message development, interactive/digital production, experiential consumer and retail promotions, and integrated media and PR.

"Fulgent Media brings an impressive group of dynamic and forward-thinking team players with a record of outstanding achievements in the use of new media strategies, and we're proud to have them join our team," commented Gary Colen, CEO of AMP Agency. "AMP Media addresses the growing needs of our clients and with this solid team in place, we're able to best guide our partners amid the evolving media environment through fully integrated tactics that provide measurable campaign benefits."

Fulgent Media brings a team of seasoned marketing executives to AMP and a notable client portfolio that includes strategic guidance and media services for such recognized Boston-based companies and institutions as Genzyme, BostonCoach and Harvard Business School.

"We are honored to be recognized so enthusiastically by AMP Agency and we're equally excited to grow our business and to collaborate with clients through all aspects of the creative process," stated Karen Macumber, President and Founder of Fulgent Media Group. "There's incredible opportunity in the marketplace to leverage new technologies and emerging platforms and we look forward to guiding clients across these growing spaces to build comprehensive programs that will raise their brand and meet their goals."

About AMP Agency
AMP Agency is a full-service marketing agency that combines strategic planning, compelling creative, innovative execution, and measurable results to help our clients' success and marketing dollars exceed the traditional. With a concentration on targeted lifestyle, life-stage and mind-set marketing, AMP Agency makes Brand Experience an integral part of any marketing plan, as well as a lasting memory in the consumer mind.

August 6, 2008

AMPlified Study Shows How 'Green' Affects Buying

EnvironmentalLeader.com, August 6, 2008
Over Half Of Consumers Factor Green Record Into Buying Decisions

Close to all American consumers (90%) believe that acting in an environmentally responsible way is important, but feel corporations hold most of the responsibility to implement change over their own personal efforts and are increasingly implementing eco-friendly evaluation into their product purchasing decisions, according to Green AMPlified, a national survey released by AMP Agency, an Alloy Media + Marketing company.

The survey went on to state that over half (53%) of consumers factor a company's social and environmental activities into their purchasing decisions and while overall, consumer's personal actions to protect the environment show minimal sacrifice in terms of changing one's lifestyle, consumers are ready to reward those companies that prove their commitment to the cause. In fact, after learning a company is environmentally friendly, the study found that 57% are likely to trust the company, 60% are likely to purchase its products, and 58% are likely to recommend the company or its products to others.

Passing a consumer's eco-test can garner a brand entry into a shopper's mindset, but the study also found that just being green doesn't mean green at the cash register.

When it comes to purchasing green products over traditional ones, consumers put high demand on marketers with cost acting as the primary factor. When asked how much more (if any) consumers were willing to spend on green products, the results are significant, with over 75% of consumers stating that they were not willing to spend more than 10% to purchase a green product over a traditional choice in almost all of the categories offered.

Product performance also factors into purchase decisions and most consumers are not giving green products a break. In fact, for consumers who consider performance important, it makes all the difference. In all product categories discussed, almost all consumers (90%) stated that a green product must work just as well as or better than a traditional product in order to make the switch.

And while consumers do want to make a difference, they also want it to be convenient. Whether it's the need to conserve as prices at the pump inflate or just ease, 63% are not willing to go more than 10 minutes to act green.

Overall, consumers are expressing they don't expect companies to be perfect, but they need to know that they care as much as they do and are making efforts to improve the state of the world - and can show it.

So, where are consumers getting their cues? At the top, 40% of consumers stated that they learned that a company is environmentally friendly because of its packaging. However, 44% stated that they sometimes, but not often, believe the environmentally friendly claims on product packages. Based on follow up interviews, consumers shared their reasons for feeling skeptical of a company's environmental claims, stating they think they are often unverifiable, overly generalized, or contradictory to other behaviors of the company.

The study found that 40% of consumers are likely to speak out against a company when they learn they are not environmentally friendly. Conversely, earn their trust and they are more likely to spread that positive message to a wide network of family and peers. Close to half (49%) report that family and friends are the #1 trusted source when it comes to purchasing decisions, falling significantly higher than other methods reported such as advertising (31%) and twice as influential as product packaging (26%).

About the Green AMPlified Study
Green AMPlified presents the findings of an online survey conducted among a national probability sample of 3,200 respondents of men and women between the ages of 18 and 49. The survey was designed to capture the opinions, beliefs, and perceptions of individuals in terms of their relationship with the Green Movement. This survey was completed during the period of April 17, 2008, and April 25, 2008, and was followed up with in-depth qualitative research, including shopping logs and respondent videos. The margin of error for a sample size of 3,200 is +/-1.73 percentage points, based on the principles of probability sampling theory. This survey follows industry best practices but, like all online surveys, does not strictly adhere to pure probability sampling methods.