Flash Mobs take Consumers by Surprise

For those of you who aren't familiar, a 'flash mob'? is when a large group of people assemble in a public place, seemingly going about their normal, everyday business, until all of a sudden, the group breaks into a performance of some sort. In the fashion capital of the world, New York City, the AMP team executed flash mob fashion shows recently for two retail store grand openings last week. What better way to capture consumers' attention than to catch them by surprise with a free fashion show in the middle of the day'?¦ right on the sidewalk? Imagine walking through the city, only to encounter a sudden blast of music, an emcee setting the scene for a fashion show, and a crew of paparazzi snapping shots of beautiful models as they begin to strut their stuff down the 'catwalk'?. This assembly only occurs for a short period of time, but long enough to leave a lasting impression in the minds of those passing by who stop to find out what all the ruckus is about. As soon as the show is complete, the gang disperses back into the crowds, blending in with tourists and city folk until the next flash mob commences. We showcased the hottest Fall fashions throughout the city, as our ten models walked an improv runway. Consumers who experienced the flash mobs walked away with excitement, as they had a firsthand visual of what they could look like after shopping at the store, and many walked away with the intentions of going right to the grand opening to see for themselves! Flash Mobs are definitely a fun addition to the world of experiential marketing! In fact the new hit series, GLEE, was featured in a Seattle flash mob recently. In a populated walking mall, the sounds of the Glee cast singing Don't Stop Believin' (one of my favorites from Journey!), Gold Digger and more filled the air. All of a sudden, dancers broke out of the crowd to perform. 'Gleeks'? from all over the country flew in to be a part of the giant event, proving that flash mobs are truly entertaining and engaging. Here in our own city of Boston, a flash mob appeared for the lunch crowds at City Place, promoting the ArtsEmerson production of Fraulein Maria in September. The Gwen Stefani hit, Wind It Up, pulsed through the speakers and lunch-goers found themselves lost in a sea of dancers. Flash mobs are certainly shocking consumers and are becoming a popular tool for experiential marketers to utilize for promotions. Want to learn more? Send us an email!

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