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Five Bleeding-Edge Mobile Marketing Trends in 2017

For mobile marketing, a moment of transformation is at hand. This transformation will bring with it the following five trends: (1) Consumers redefine purchase boundaries; mobile marketing, brand partnerships deepen; (2) Department stores, mobile marketing partners tackle the 'Amazon Effect'; (3) Programmatic accelerates: brands, tech, marketing continue to invest; (4) Technology drives measurement, verification advances; (5) Next-generation creative, video redefine mobile engagements.   New year, new trends.

Mobile Shopping Hits Record Numbers Over Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Black Friday had barely just begun, but already mobile traffic and sales were breaking records compared with years prior, according to third-party reports and those from major retailers. In addition to yesterday’s Thanksgiving sales report of a record $771 million in revenue from mobile devices, top retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Target, have also released numbers pointing to mobile’s sizable impact on their online sales. Mo money, mo mobile.

  • November 29, 2016

The Dirty Secret of App-Install Ads Nobody's Talking About

App-install ads are a major success story in marketing these days. Facebook claims it will be responsible for 4 billion app downloads by 2017, representing up to 20% of its ad revenue. Google recently claimed its app-install ads prompted 2 billion downloads. The hype is real. That's about one app download for every human, which makes this advertising tactic among the most effective that mobile has ever seen. But do these alarmingly large numbers mean that native apps are a winning strategy for brands? The catch.

  • November 29, 2016

At $10, "Super Mario Run" Could Be Great For Nintendo, Phone Owners, and the Industry

After years of scornfully dismissing the potential of smartphone gaming, Nintendo has decided to release Super Mario Run, the first Super Mario game for the iPhone. Though the Japanese gaming giant has famously pursued a "blue ocean" strategy—by creating products such as the Wii that catered to markets that competitors such as Sony and Microsoft didn't serve—it's also been held back by its share of dogma. The debut of Super Mario Run will take Nintendo to what may be the most significant part of its future: smartphone games. Make peace, not Wario.

  • November 28, 2016

Inside FT Labs, the Financial Times' Skunkworks

Like many publishers, The Financial Times used to treat its error page as an afterthought. Readers would land on when an article couldn’t be found. It was polite and had utilitarian value, but was drab and lacked personality. Last year, however, the British newspaper rolled out a new 404 page that espouses a clever list of economic theories why the page wasn’t found. The page is a result of a new unit: FT Labs. Labs is charged with tackling projects big and small that don’t fit into the normal development processes. A team for the big ideas.

  • November 10, 2016

You Will Soon Be Able to Order McDonald's From Your Smartphone

McDonald's has long been a leader in the fast food industry, but it has fallen behind its competitors in one big way: it hasn’t provided customers with a way to order and pay for their meals via smartphone or other mobile device. Now, the company is getting ready to roll out mobile order-and-pay technology. McApp coming your way.

Mobile Moves to Majority Share of Google's Worldwide Ad Revenues

Google, which is set to report Q3 earnings this week, now makes more ad dollars from mobile than from the desktop globally, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of ad revenues at major publishers. But in its home market of the US, that revenue flip is still in the (very near) future. Mobile now reigns.

Google Flights Will Now Help You Avoid Sudden Price Increases

Seemingly random price changes can be one of the most frustrating parts of booking a flight. Now, Google is making it easier to know when prices will change so you can get a better deal on airfare. The company is updating its airline search tool with new features that will predict fare changes and notify you about price changes for flights you're interested in.  Planning just got easier.

Google is Building a New and Improved Search Index Strictly For Mobile

Furthering its push to improve services for mobile users, Google has decided to start indexing search results for mobile separately from desktop to offer mobile users better and fresher content. The move will eventually see the newly introduced search index become the primary one. The standard desktop index will remain active, but it won’t be updated as frequently.  Mobile first.

Hinge Now Wants You to Pay to Find Love in This Miserable World

Hinge has officially switched from a balls-to-the-wall free hookup app model to a subscription-based service for the real relationship-seekers among us. Which means you’re gonna have to pay to escape the dark trenches of loneliness. The app’s new “members-only” model, launching today, will cost $7 a month and aims to put Hinge in the more serious class of capitalistic matchmaking ventures like Match.com and eHarmony. Swipe for a price.

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