Pokémon Go Will Soon Get Ads in the Form of Sponsored Locations

Fear not, marketers – if you thought you wouldn’t be able to join in on the Pokémon fun, you were wrong.  Pokémon Go will soon include advertising, according to its developer. Niantic CEO John Hanke said that “sponsored locations” would provide a new revenue stream, in addition to in-app purchases of power-ups and virtual items. In other words, retailers and companies will be granted the paid opportunity to be featured prominently on the game’s virtual map – and hopefully drive customers inside their facilities. Your turn to catch 'em all.

Here's Why Las Vegas Hired DJ Khaled to Launch Its Snapchat Channel

Las Vegas is hoping DJ Khaled proves to be the key to winning over millennials. For a day and a half, the King of Snapchat committed the cardinal sin of Sin City: He made sure his 6 million digital followers knew what happened in Vegas. The hip-hop star was commissioned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to post and boast on Snapchat about the city's highlights. But why DJ Khaled? And why Snapchat? "They don't want you to go to Vegas."

Are Father's Day-Themed Campaigns Successful?

Father's Day-themed emails have a lower open rate than general emails, according to new data from Yesmail, raising questions as to how marketers should prepare for the upcoming holiday. However, although Father’s Day campaigns saw lower engagement rates, they performed significantly higher than general marketing newsletters in terms of conversion rates. Both dads and brands win this weekend.

Primrose Schools Launches First National Broadcast Campaign

In an aggressive effort to raise awareness as early education enters their highest enrollment period, Primrose launches their first national TV spot with a perfectly synced “second screen” digital campaign. Within three seconds after the television spot runs, the same viewer will be served a Primrose ad on their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Read more about the integrated campaign here.

The 25 Campaigns Predicted to Steal Cannes

There are six key themes this year: inventions, earned media, creative media partnerships with Silicon Valley, personalization, authentic truth and storytelling by animation. As usual, though, plenty of the work highlighted here is so forward-thinking that it defies categorization. All of the 2016 pre-festival favorites.

Mondelez Makes Moves to Look More Like a Media Company

Mondelez International, the snack-food giant behind brands like Triscuit crackers, Toblerone chocolate and Nutter Butter cookies, is getting into the media business in hopes of reaching consumers who are increasingly avoiding advertising. Mondelez will invest in content properties and intellectual property that will enable it make money from selling distribution rights, advertising and brand integrations.  Here are the first three new initiatives planned.

Snapchat Inks Multiyear Deal with Wimbledon

The partnership comes as the social giant has revealed its British user number for the first time, claiming that it now has 10 million active daily users in the UK, making Britain its second largest market behind the U.S. The three-year Wimbledon deal with the All England Tennis and Croquet club will see Live Stories at the tournament shared on Snapchat. As part of the deal, Snapchat will also sell ad spots to sponsors, which include Stella Artois and Häagen-Dazs. Will this finally help Wimbledon engage with a younger audience?

(Video) Guests at This Exclusive L.A. Dinner Party Were Eating McDonald's Ingredients

L.A. celebrity chef Neal Fraser, who runs Red Bird, served up guests soup made from guacamole, meatballs made from burger mince, a romaine salad, a chicken breast rolled in bacon and other mouthwatering-looking dishes. Guests thought the food was delicious, only at the end it is revealed that they were eating McDonald’s. Mm, guacamole soup.

Even During TV Time, Digital Devices Play Prominent Role

Nearly 85% of internet users surf the web while watching TV. With Americans’ attention increasingly divided among an ever-expanding array of internet-connected devices, the number of people multitasking while watching television continues to rise, while cord-cutting also accelerates. An integrated strategy can give brands a one-two punch.

Disney’s Savvy Marketing of ‘The Jungle Book’

Disney pulled out all the marketing stops to ensure a successful opening weekend of the classic remake, ‘The Jungle Book’. And it worked - making $104.6M this weekend. Tactics included showing sneak-peek footage during Disney’s fan convention and at the Disney Parks, creating scary and action-packed trailers to appeal to adults, and the list goes on. Going beyond the bare necessities.

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