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Insights Lab Weekly Round Up: Romance Edition

Let's face it. At AMP, we LOVE the Internet. And, we want to share our geeky, awesome, internet/techy finds with you on a weekly basis. In this week's edition of the Insights Lab Weekly Round Up, we'll share our take on romance-inspired tech. Valentine's Day brought to light quite a few apps and websites that truly prove ain't nobody got time for that (even when it comes to love). Tinder  It's basically a trendy version of Hot or Not backed by IAC, the parent company of Match and OkCupid. Tinder is a simple dating app that anonymously finds out who likes your looks nearby. If you happen to think the other person is good looking too, it offers an intro. If not, the person never knows you weren't a fan. It feels more like a game than an app. Validation that you are wanted by many? Yes, please. WhatsYOURprice.com Think about it as an auction for love. It's simple, let other singles bid for your affection. If you like a person's monetary offer and profile, you accept and get paid to go on a first date. While it sounds like an online brothel, it's just a site that allows you date 'generous, attractive people'? but with an incentive. Watch out eHarmony.com, Match.com and JDate. The Harlem Shake This dance craze was the IT thing this week. While not directly tied to romance, you can always resort to the dance moves found in the 12,000 Harlem Shake videos to seduce your potential soul mate at the bar. If dancing isn't your thing, you can always convert websites into Harlem Shake videos and share with your crush ' wooing them with your internet know how. Treater While not Valentine's Day specific, this app could help brighten your friends' and loved ones' days all year long. By analyzing your friends' Facebook Timelines, Treater will suggest events for which to give a gift and will suggest treats based on their likes. Add a message and photo to personalize your treat and viola! Kiss Me Thru the Phone Take a page from rap artist Soulja Boy and kiss your loved ones through the phone. But, how? Don't worry he's got you covered. He created a Kiss Me Thru the Phone app ($1.99). Snap a selfie, adorn with romance-inspired clip art and send your grand romantic gesture on its way.

The Harlem Shake: Why Is This a Thing?

Oh Internet, you never cease to amaze me. Just when I feel like we get each other, you come out with something so inherently ridiculous, I can only shake my head, smile and say, "you do you, Internet; you do you." The latest craze in a long line of plankings, lip dubs, Call Me Maybes, horse heads, and Gangnam Styles (if you want more of these, check out our posts on ROFLcon) is The Harlem Shake.  The TLDR overview of this new trend goes like this: Normal situation turns into a weird rave-y dance party with this song playing in the background. But I'm not here to talk about "what" it is. I'd rather discuss "why" it is. Why is some video that started in a dorm room inspiring everyone from frat bros to marketing agencies (see below) to go nuts for, quite literally, 15 seconds of Internet fame? The question may be as simple as "there was a huge blizzard in the Northeast this weekend and a ton of people were bored." However, my guess is that it has something to do with this statement: Never underestimate the human need to be a part of the cultural Zeitgeist. Seriously, we even did one. In our study, "The Psychology of Social" (click here to download), we express that social media placates certain inherent human needs to fit in and have a role within the larger group. In 10,000 BC, each member of a group of prehistoric humans had a role - be it hunter, gatherer, or mammoth stylist (those were things, right?). While human roles and needs have changed slightly over the past few thousand years,  the group mentality remains. We are, and always have been, a species built on sharing, connection-development, and esteem building. While we no longer have the need for mammoth stylists (I swear those existed), with our Internet/information-driven society, being the one in your group of friends to find these things, create them, or share them allows you to fulfill your role in the larger group. So, why did THIS catch on? It probably has something to do with the group that the creators of the original video has around them. Things spread more easily when the content gets into the hands of influencers. Mix that with the fact that that there is almost no barrier to participate (a camera phone, a song download, a laptop, some friends) add a little absurdity and a lot of fun, and you've got yourself a engagement-driving concoction of excellence.

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