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Just For Men Launches Be The Better Man Campaign

What do you do if you’re the original men’s grooming brand and want to encourage men everywhere to be – and look – a little better? You step in front of the mirror and give yourself a makeover. That’s what AMP Agency and Just For Men accomplished together with this week’s launch of the Be The Better Man brand platform and campaign. For more than 30 years, Just For Men has been letting guys know it’s not only OK to care about their appearance, but to do something about it. And over the decades, Just For Men has been innovating and refining hair care solutions that make it easy for men to achieve the natural look that lets them feel their best. And as their portfolio has expanded to include beard care and hair regrowth (and more to come), it was time to reinforce the brand’s leadership role in the men’s grooming conversation it started in 1987. Be The Better Man stems from the idea that it takes a good man to know he can always be a little better. The notion applies to both their daily grooming routine and the way they go about their lives. We are calling on guys everywhere to take the small steps needed to look their best—and do the little things that make the lives of those around them, well, better. The campaign launched on CBS NFL Game Day this past Sunday. With the broadcast buy comes a fully integrated brand push. It started with a re-imagined website, email and social channels and will continue with an omni-channel paid media campaign within outdoor and digital. We’ll be on TV screens and in locker rooms at the hottest gyms in our key markets. Digital will focus on partnering with the web’s leading experts on grooming (GQ), dating (Match), business travel (Conde Nast Traveller), and parenting (Fatherly) through custom content and ambassador/influencer programs to reinforce the message of being better in all aspects of life. We’ll ultimately push product via direct-to-consumer tactics within programmatic and social channels through efficient reach and continuous frequency in the Better Man messaging against our male audience. Check out the following coverage to learn more about the campaign: Ad Age MarketWatch Marketing Dive Marketing Communications News

How to Develop a Compelling Value Proposition

What's the first step in developing your go-to-market strategy? Determining your value proposition. Our biggest piece of advice is to take an "Outside In" vs. "Inside Out" approach. What's that mean? Always consider the customer benefit when developing the value proposition. Oftentimes, companies make the mistake of taking an insular or 'inside out'? approach as opposed to an unbiased 'outside in'? approach. When considering the value proposition, assess the attributes that make your product superior (inside out) but assign more clout to answering the perceived benefit and value to the customer (outside in). Pressure test your value proposition by vetting it with prospective customers, thereby ensuring the proposition aligns with what the end user values most. REAL-WORLD EXAMPLE How do you take an 'outside in' approach? Where do you start? Learn from one of our clients: Michael Sayles, V.P. of Sales at Ferrara Candy Company. Develop a compelling value proposition. In preparation for the launch of Rapid Acting Protein, we conducted secondary research to gain a more profound understanding of our consumers' needs and wants in addition to understanding the marketplace. By doing so, we identified a whitespace opportunity within the fitness food category and developed a compelling value proposition - a gummy product with 20 grams of Whey protein in a delicious new, fruity flavor. Make real-time adjustments by listening. When RAP hit the market, we used social listening to garner consumer feedback. The consumers dictated what made RAP unique, rather than the other way around. So, we made shifts in real-time to tailor messaging accordingly. For more insights into how to build an effective go-to-market strategy, download our NEW RULES FOR BRINGING YOUR PRODUCT TO MARKET whitepaper.

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