3 Things Marketers Can Learn from Fetty Wap

Deemed the artist of the Summer, Fetty Wap hit the scene hot and continues to gain momentum. With an album release approaching on September 25th, we thought it was an appropriate time to analyze the certified gold rapper's success and determine what marketers can learn from his rapid ascension. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Billboard)   Find your beat. First lesson from the up-and-comer'define and embrace your brand image. The rapper wasn't always Fetty Wap. According to a recent interview, he used to be Willie Maxwell when he wore a prosthetic eye (as he lost one eye to congenital glaucoma when younger). When he stopped wearing it, he proclaimed, 'I found myself, I became a whole new person.'? Since that time he's embraced the Fetty Wap personality wholeheartedly. And, fans love it. Since Memorial Day, Fetty has been a mainstay of Spotify's weekly Top 10 songs in the US with three different singles: Trap Queen, My Way, 679. In that timeframe, fans have streamed 'Trap Queen'? more than 49 million times, according to Spotify. Marketing Lesson: Stay true to your brand. Be where your fans are. To release his first single 'Trap Queen,'? Fetty Wap uploaded the track to SoundClound, an audio distribution platform, streaming service and an online community. The track received 500 plays within the first day and twice that on the second. Since then, Fetty has continued to focus on connecting with his hyper-engaged audience on the channels where they seek music and content. Fetty updates his SoundCloud page regularly with music from both him and his Remy Boyz. Fans can also hear from Fetty on his social channels as he posts frequently, According to Forbes, fans are flocking to Fetty and appreciate his connected strategy: Of his close to 40 million plays on SoundCloud, more than 23 million happened in 30 days In that same time, he saw an average of more than 5 million YouTube video views each week Since 'Trap Queen'? went gold, he's more than tripled his Instagram following and enjoyed a sevenfold increase in his official Facebook page likes He added about half his total Twitter following (he's been getting about 5000 new followers each week) within 30 days Marketing Lesson: How can marketers emulate Fetty's digital success? Engage with your audience on the channels they frequent with the most updated, interesting content they desire. Find the right collaborators. Once Fetty had a good product, he recognized the need for a partner to help elevate the brand and the product.  Fetty signed with 300 Entertainment late last year. 300 Entertainment, an imprint launched by Todd Moscowitz and Lyor Cohen in 2014, has a reputation for their data-driven and innovative approach to the music industry. Fetty has been quoted saying, '300 ' they like a machine. And when we reached a point where we didn't know what to do, the music was doing so good, everything was going so good, we didn't know what was the next button to press. And that's where they came in.'? The partnership works well given the shared belief in producing the highest quality product, which will result in the shared vision of evolving evolve Fetty from that guy who did 'Trap Queen'? to Fetty Wap the artist. Marketing Lesson: When considering partners, marketers should take a similar approach. Partner with those who have shared values, shared beliefs and a common goal. With Fetty's debut album quickly approaching, we're looking forward to learning more from the emerging 'Fetty brand,'? and we've got high expectations. According to Next Big Sound's success algorithm, the likelihood that he'll hit the Billboard 200 chart is currently at 84%. What do you think of Fetty's brand? Share comments below.

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