Are Father's Day-Themed Campaigns Successful?

Father's Day-themed emails have a lower open rate than general emails, according to new data from Yesmail, raising questions as to how marketers should prepare for the upcoming holiday. However, although Father’s Day campaigns saw lower engagement rates, they performed significantly higher than general marketing newsletters in terms of conversion rates. Both dads and brands win this weekend.

Expectant Parents Need Content More Than Ever

Soon-to-be parents are retailers' dream customers: they will be spending more money than ever and creating behaviors that continue throughout parenthood. But marketers shouldn’t wait until the baby is born to reach parents. Some content advice: make sure the content is relevant, know your audience’s timeline (to the week), build a sense of community, use all touchpoints, and don’t just sell products. They need all the help they can get.

How to Connect with Parents Via Facebook

Facebook conducted an international study on how parents are using Facebook and Instagram. The highlights: parents spend more times on the networks via mobile, are more active in the early morning, and share more photos and status updates than non-parents. They recommend that brands don’t focus only on parenting topics because “parents are people too”, but also realize that children today have a high influence on parents' purchase decisions. Read the full report.

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