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The Ad Club's 2016 Innovation Day

Last week, a handful of AMPers got the opportunity to attend a fantastic event at the Seaport World Trade Center-- the Ad Club’s 2016 Innovation Day and Media Maven Awards.  It was an exciting day filled with talented speakers, innovative ideas and accomplished award winners.  There were a few major takeaways that stood out to us as a digital media group, and gave us some interesting insights that we will be able to bring back to our clients--especially with 2017 on the horizon. Tapping Into Emotions A key theme of the day was about tapping into the emotions of a consumer and making marketing efforts as authentic as possible.  Marketers should be asking themselves, What makes a brand stand out?  What can I do differently to make my work unique?  Dr. Carl Marci, EVP Chief of Neuroscientist and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, discussed how psychology and marketing go hand in hand.  According to Dr. Marci, the average person’s attention span has fallen to a mere 8 seconds.  Consumer behaviors are changing due to overstimulation, and marketers need to be able to create targeted content that delivers an emotional response.  The tough part of this is pinpointing what gets people to buy a product and react positively, especially since every consumer reacts differently to any given ad. Brands should not only focus on reach and other KPI’s, but also consider highly authentic messaging that taps into a consumer’s thought process. As a team that focuses on data driven, highly targeted media efforts across all channels, this idea of personalization and highly relevant messaging hit home. The Power of Influencers One tactic that is skyrocketing in the media world is influencer marketing. Here at AMP, we use influencer marketing for a number of our clients in order to create brand awareness, consideration and ultimately to drive ROI.  In the end, it’s about creating a human connection between a brand and the right consumer and making sure that that connection is authentic and believable. Strategic Sponsorships Although programmatic and audience based buying continues to dominate the buzz in the industry, we shouldn’t dismiss the impact that brands have by partnering with other companies and publishers to offer a unique experience for consumers.  Reinforcing brand values can be done with the right partnerships. AMP’s Very Own Rising Star We were also very excited to have one of our own team members take home the prestigious Rising Star award this year. The Rising Star award recognizes an up-and-coming media planner under the age of 30 who demonstrates a keen understanding and insight into the strategy behind media planning and buying. Abby Tarbell, Director of Integrated Media, received this well-deserved award for all of her efforts in bringing omni-channel solutions to our clients. Abby has the ability to make the most complicated, stressful programs look effortless. She remains composed in nearly every situation which creates an atmosphere of calmness for the rest of the team. Her standard of excellence is so natural that it makes everyone else around her believe they can accomplish it too and our team would not be where it is today without her.

AMP Agency Named Finalist for Media Maven Award

Boston, MA -- AMP Agency is honored to be named a finalist for the Ad Club's Media Maven Award in the 'Best Use of New & Non-Traditional Media' category for its Icelandair work. The Media Maven Awards is a juried awards show that recognizes excellence in media planning and buying. In its 7th year, this competition honors the most creative, innovative, and effective media plans created in our market in a wide range of traditional and new media categories. Voted on by some of the top marketing and media executives in the country, the awards represent the very best media campaigns, plans, and ideas, as well as the people, agencies, and brands responsible for bringing them to life. Winners will be awarded at the Maven Awards on Wednesday, November 18th. See all finalists here.

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