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One thing that has intrigued me on my marketing journey thus far has been peoples’ reactions to stories. We are naturally drawn in by the story of a product or someone’s interaction with one. As marketers, we are challenged daily with creating a ‘story’? to explain our research findings or to convey the BIG idea to our clients. We tell stories about brands to consumers regularly, hoping that they will connect with the story and share it with their friends and family. Therefore, a good storyteller has great potential in this industry.

A great example of storytelling in marketing is Subway’s ‘Jared’? campaign. Jared was not only a spokesperson, but he had a story to tell consumers: he lost a tremendous amount of weight while eating Subway subs. He told his story, and people listened. They made the connection between Subway and their own health, and sales grew.

Another more recent example, that I personally have used before, is TOMS Shoes. The company was created only a few years ago by a young man who saw an opportunity in using a for-profit company to give back to those less fortunate. For every pair of shoes that TOMS sells, they give a pair away to a needy child in another country. TOMS tells an intriguing story of its ‘shoe drops’? in other countries mostly through captivating and emotional pictures. Customers, in turn, can then create their own story of supporting children, like those in TOMS’ pictures, by purchasing their own pair of TOMS.

When you tell a story well, people will listen. Consumers want to hear stories that they can re-tell and relive their own personal experience through.

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