AMP Agency Client Eastern Bank Wins 3 MarCom Awards


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We’re proud to announce that our courageous campaign work with Eastern Bank won three MarCom Awards today, alongside their other agency partner, Skyword. Congratulations to our client, Eastern Bank, on this honorable distinction.

  • Gold Award for Social Engagement
  • Platinum Award for Social Campaign
  • Platinum Award for Social Ad Campaign

The awards honor Eastern Bank’s commitment to supporting the LGBTQ community and their Good Votes campaign.

When a Massachusetts ballot question during midterm elections threatened the rights of our transgender community, we knew we had to take action. The Good Votes campaign was about fighting for and giving a voice to the marginalized. It was about protecting the human rights of our transgender friends, family, and neighbors in Massachusetts. And it was about getting the New England community to join Eastern Bank for good. We’re proud to say, it did exactly that.


The campaign garnered 11,300+ reactions, comments and shares on social leading to a 72% lift in engagement rate. The results showed in market as we well with 68% of MA voters voting to uphold transgender rights and MA voters casting a record high of 3MM votes with a 60% voter turnout. Appreciation from Eastern Bank’s audience was evident in social comments too –

“In a time when literally every “sage” in the industry would tell a brand not to “choose sides,” thank you for knowing the difference between issues of human rights and dignity and merely debatable options. Your brand’s staunch visible backing of LGBTIA concerns is noted and appreciated time and time again”

–Social user

You can learn more about the campaign here:

Or you can check it out on the MarCom winners list at here

Again, congratulations to Eastern Bank. We are incredibly proud to be your partner.

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