February 25, 2016

Discover Beauty: Optimize Your Search

The search for beauty is constant. However, brand names aren’t going into the search bar. According to one study done by Google / Millward Brown Digital Beauty, nearly half of beauty shoppers enter the purchase journey without knowing which brand they’ll buy. Instead, these undecided, open-minded shoppers begin with category terms. That same study reports that 78% of clicks on paid search ads from a category keyword come from shoppers who have never visited that site before.

The information gathering process also extends beyond traditional search engines, as this discerning group of customers turns to ecommerce sites for additional input. 40% of all searches on Amazon.com, for example, are considered to be purely information gathering missions, with users seeking customer reviews and rankings. In a survey conducted by SheSpeaks, 9 out of 10 women reported seeking information on the site prior to a purchase.

The same SheSpeaks survey also found that 55% of women will go to a brand site for information, and 63% of women are even more likely to search for product reviews when buying cosmetics. Reviews and comments–whether on your brand site–can now make or break a sale.

Key Takeaway:

To ensure your brand displays in the category search, website content needs to be optimized to deliver on the shopper’s desire for information. Developing a strong content strategy supported by social proof ensures the brand site is discoverable and informative. The site experience should greet potential customers with a mix of multimedia content, including how-to-videos, product information, social feeds, photos and customer reviews. Some brands are even rewarding fans for engaging with them in an effort to bolster positive reviews, providing active users exclusive access to breaking news, behind the scenes footage, and product samples.

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