You’re a new AMP Agency Intern? May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor


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You’re an aspiring marketer and just landed a coveted summer internship at AMP. Congratulations! We suggest you start training for a ‘Hunger Games’?-esque fight to the death against your fellow interns. Just kidding’AMP is really fun (and with no cannibalistic intentions, we swear). Though things can get pretty cutthroat here: the advertising world demands a lot of hard work, energy, and creative know-how. Luckily, your fellow AMPers are here to guide you, answer your questions, and teach you the ways of integrated marketing.

You won’t be making coffee runs or sorting through mail. You will be attending brainstorms, doing client-facing work, developing the latest campaigns, and occasionally schmoozing with co-workers over free pizza. Your Netflix account will start collecting dust, and your friends may wonder where you’ve been all day, but the not-so-secret truth is that you’re at one of the coolest, most innovative offices in Boston. Embrace it, and follow our tips to be remembered as a truly great intern:

Be Proactive 

No day is ever the same at AMP. On most mornings, you’ll come in at 9 AM and have a steady flow of work until it’s time to go home, though some days may be slower. But don’t mistake a slow work day for an excuse to troll Buzzfeed, thumb through your personal emails, or complain to the other interns.

Instead, ask for more projects! AMP may be a relatively small agency, but the workload is huge, and your fellow AMPers will always appreciate the extra help. And if there is nothing your team needs from you, just go find Jenna (the intern coordinator) and she will be happy to make you reconcile budgets for the agency (kidding’she’ll probably direct you to a more exciting project in a different department). In addition to taking on more work, make sure to communicate with your team members throughout the day, whether through online chat or in person (though in-person interactions show you’re willing to go the extra mile). So, walk over to your mentor’s desk to check-in. He or she will be happy to help you out!

Learn about all of the departments

At AMP, collaboration is the name of the game. Whether you’re an analytics guru on the Measurement team, a Photoshop enthusiast in Creative, or a Facebook connoisseur in Connections Planning, you’ll probably be sitting next to’and working very closely with’fellow AMPers whose interests are completely different from yours. Any given project will involve members from different departments, so don’t shy away from a unique and fruitful learning opportunity. AMP is a great place to learn the ins and outs of other departments. So dabble in Brand Strategy, ask for a tutorial on interactive development, or take on a copywriting assignment ‘even if it’s not in your job description. Your co-workers will appreciate the extra set of hands. You’ll gain some invaluable marketing experience’the kind only a collaborative, interactive agency like AMP can provide. You may even leave the internship with a totally different idea of where you ‘fit’? within an agency environment.

Read Up

So you want to be the next Don Draper? Well, the advertising world has changed quite a bit since the ’60s, and now is a particularly exciting time to break in. Technology is evolving fast, and digital, social, and mobile innovations continue to wow us. But to join the advertising world’and succeed within your role’you need to become an informed and educated marketer. So take a break from your textbooks and TV shows and start reading AdAge and Tech Crunch. Follow smart marketing folks on Twitter, check out BostInno, and don’t forget to keep up with our blog here at AMP! Some of the interns at AMP also put out a ‘daily headlines’? email each morning, so AMPers are always up-to-date with industry news. Our community prides itself on keeping up with the latest marketing and advertising headlines, industry news, and trends relative to current clients. So read up. It’s great way to develop your personal point of view, learn the industry lingo, and sharpen your strategic thinking skills.

Build a Network

We’re constantly being told to ‘network, network, network’?’?¬¶from advisors, mentors, and our college’s career center. Now that you’ve finally landed an internship at AMP, the networking doesn’t stop’?¬¶.but don’t roll your eyes just yet! Networking with your fellow AMPers can be downright fun. Everyone here was in your shoes at some point, so learn from the best. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips for jumpstarting your career, expanding your knowledge of the industry, or compiling a slam-dunk resume. AMPers want their interns to succeed’both in the office, and beyond’so put in the extra effort to make connections.

Speak Up

When you attend brainstorms or meetings and you have an idea, speak up. You are young and still learning, but you bring a fresh, new perspective to the office. Many of AMP’s clients focus on millennial marketing, so you’re the perfect source for a good idea. Even if your idea isn’t perfect, you may spark an idea for someone else. And if you have a new idea for a project, speak up! Tell your mentor that you’ve thought of something that you can spearhead. Take your own initiative, and prove that you’re capable of working independently and developing your own innovative strategies.

It’s a tough world out there for aspiring marketers, but AMP’s got your back. Put in the extra effort and you will be rewarded with relevant experience and a killer portfolio to show for it.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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