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You're a new AMP Agency Intern? May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

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You're an aspiring marketer and just landed a coveted summer internship at AMP. Congratulations! We suggest you start training for a 'Hunger Games'?-esque fight to the death against your fellow interns. Just kidding'AMP is really fun (and with no cannibalistic intentions, we swear). Though things can get pretty cutthroat here: the advertising world demands a lot of hard work, energy, and creative know-how. Luckily, your fellow AMPers are here to guide you, answer your questions, and teach you the ways of integrated marketing.

You won't be making coffee runs or sorting through mail. You will be attending brainstorms, doing client-facing work, developing the latest campaigns, and occasionally schmoozing with co-workers over free pizza. Your Netflix account will start collecting dust, and your friends may wonder where you've been all day, but the not-so-secret truth is that you're at one of the coolest, most innovative offices in Boston. Embrace it, and follow our tips to be remembered as a truly great intern:

Be Proactive 

No day is ever the same at AMP. On most mornings, you'll come in at 9 AM and have a steady flow of work until it's time to go home, though some days may be slower. But don't mistake a slow work day for an excuse to troll Buzzfeed, thumb through your personal emails, or complain to the other interns.

Instead, ask for more projects! AMP may be a relatively small agency, but the workload is huge, and your fellow AMPers will always appreciate the extra help. And if there is nothing your team needs from you, just go find Jenna (the intern coordinator) and she will be happy to make you reconcile budgets for the agency (kidding'she'll probably direct you to a more exciting project in a different department). In addition to taking on more work, make sure to communicate with your team members throughout the day, whether through online chat or in person (though in-person interactions show you're willing to go the extra mile). So, walk over to your mentor's desk to check-in. He or she will be happy to help you out!

Learn about all of the departments

At AMP, collaboration is the name of the game. Whether you're an analytics guru on the Measurement team, a Photoshop enthusiast in Creative, or a Facebook connoisseur in Connections Planning, you'll probably be sitting next to'and working very closely with'fellow AMPers whose interests are completely different from yours. Any given project will involve members from different departments, so don't shy away from a unique and fruitful learning opportunity. AMP is a great place to learn the ins and outs of other departments. So dabble in Brand Strategy, ask for a tutorial on interactive development, or take on a copywriting assignment 'even if it's not in your job description. Your co-workers will appreciate the extra set of hands. You'll gain some invaluable marketing experience'the kind only a collaborative, interactive agency like AMP can provide. You may even leave the internship with a totally different idea of where you 'fit'? within an agency environment.

Read Up

So you want to be the next Don Draper? Well, the advertising world has changed quite a bit since the '60s, and now is a particularly exciting time to break in. Technology is evolving fast, and digital, social, and mobile innovations continue to wow us. But to join the advertising world'and succeed within your role'you need to become an informed and educated marketer. So take a break from your textbooks and TV shows and start reading AdAge and Tech Crunch. Follow smart marketing folks on Twitter, check out BostInno, and don't forget to keep up with our blog here at AMP! Some of the interns at AMP also put out a 'daily headlines'? email each morning, so AMPers are always up-to-date with industry news. Our community prides itself on keeping up with the latest marketing and advertising headlines, industry news, and trends relative to current clients. So read up. It's great way to develop your personal point of view, learn the industry lingo, and sharpen your strategic thinking skills.

Build a Network

We're constantly being told to 'network, network, network'?'?¦from advisors, mentors, and our college's career center. Now that you've finally landed an internship at AMP, the networking doesn't stop'?¦.but don't roll your eyes just yet! Networking with your fellow AMPers can be downright fun. Everyone here was in your shoes at some point, so learn from the best. Don't be afraid to ask for tips for jumpstarting your career, expanding your knowledge of the industry, or compiling a slam-dunk resume. AMPers want their interns to succeed'both in the office, and beyond'so put in the extra effort to make connections.

Speak Up

When you attend brainstorms or meetings and you have an idea, speak up. You are young and still learning, but you bring a fresh, new perspective to the office. Many of AMP's clients focus on millennial marketing, so you're the perfect source for a good idea. Even if your idea isn't perfect, you may spark an idea for someone else. And if you have a new idea for a project, speak up! Tell your mentor that you've thought of something that you can spearhead. Take your own initiative, and prove that you're capable of working independently and developing your own innovative strategies.

It's a tough world out there for aspiring marketers, but AMP's got your back. Put in the extra effort and you will be rewarded with relevant experience and a killer portfolio to show for it.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Sounds pretty great, right? Apply for an internship here.

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AMP Agency, a division of Advantage Solutions, has named Michael Mish president. Mish, who joined AMP Agency in 2012, most recently served as SVP, general manager and previously as SVP of business development. As president, Mish is responsible for agency operations, strategy and growth, including strategic acquisitions. Under Mish’s leadership, the agency has experienced consistent year-over-year growth on a national and now global scale. “AMP’s growth is in large part attributable to Michael’s focus on shifting to strategic relationships and evolving AMP’s capabilities to meet the changing needs of clients,” said AMP Agency Founder and CEO Gary Colen. “Michael has specifically focused on the demand for top-tier, growth-focused digital media services, experience design, dynamic creative, data science and advanced analytics.” Mish serves on Advantage's DE&I board, which is supporting a multiyear diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that includes the establishment of employee resource groups, training programs, talent benchmarks and policy recommendations. Working with other senior executive leaders, Mish is focused on developing a positive culture and recruiting diverse talent to the company. “Improving DE&I within the marketing and advertising industry is nothing new,” Mish said. “As a Hispanic leader from humble beginnings, I recognize the need to create opportunities within and outside of our agency. “I want to be part of the change in the industry. At AMP, our core values are Openness, Empathy and Growth. Our leadership team is focused on developing an inclusive culture and recruiting multicultural talent. Not only is it the right thing to do, but diversity of thought and experience will drive breakthrough work for our clients, increase innovation and accelerate our momentum.” Last year, AMP established a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee and developed a pro-bono program, setting a goal of dedicating up to 10% of annual billable hours to support organizations led or owned by Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+ people or people impacted by disabilities. “We decided our role in solving inequalities is to focus our intellectual capital on growing businesses that support these communities,” Mish said. “When Michael joined AMP, he immediately drove value for the agency and our clients and has always stood out as an innovative and strategic leader,” Colen said. “The larger vision for the agency has consistently been at the forefront of his contributions. I’ve always looked to Michael for opportunities to lead and guide the agency, given his proven marketing genius and passion for growing our clients’ brands with breakthrough work and for growing our people. In his new role as president, I know he will combine these areas of focus to continue to elevate our agency and our people for our clients.” Mish has had an amazing journey here at AMP! View this video to learn more:   Congratulations, Mish! READ THE NEWS:  https://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/amp-agency-elevates-michael-mish-to-president/173862/

This fall, AMP is kicking off its first ever DE&I challenge! We're playing bingo all month long and we invite you to join us. There’s gonna be bingo, there’s gonna be prizes, there’s gonna be education we can use to make our workplace and the world more equitable and inclusive. Get ready to celebrate diversity *and* simultaneously compete with your fellow AMPers for some awesome grand prizes. To play, screenshot the bingo card template in our Fall 2021 DE&I Challenge highlight on our Instagram page, and re-share it to your Instagram Story as you complete challenges. Tag us in pics of you completing challenges for a chance to be featured in our Highlight reel! For recommendations and resources, view our Instagram page and click the link in bio to view the resource list. LINKS: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amp_agency/ Resource list: https://linktr.ee/ampagency We encourage our industry peers to join us in taking on the challenge!

In the world of social media, trends, features, and even platforms can seemingly become a phenomenon overnight. One night, you go to bed after scrolling your Instagram feed, and the next morning you wake up to a brand new, intriguing yet unfamiliar app called TikTok. It doesn't take long for this app to surpass all others as the most downloaded app of all time with over 1 billion active users across the world.  Flash forward to the present day where Instagram - and almost every other popular social platform, for that matter - are scrambling to keep up with this new app. So, what makes TikTok so attractive, and can Instagram compete with their look-a-like competitive feature, IG Reels? Well, let’s dive in!    Why is short-form video so popular all of the sudden?  Before we talk about Reels and TikTok, let’s first address why the short-form video nature of both platforms caught on so quickly. For a long while, social media marketers have strategized their content around the fact that the attention span of our followers is short- and we mean short. According to Facebook, marketers only have 0.25 seconds to capture a user’s attention before they keep scrolling.  With that in mind, snackable video content became the name of the game for brands and content creators and opened the door to a scrappier style of content - especially for brands who had typically seen video content as an expensive, high-production-value ordeal.  The lower production value required for a high-performing Reels or TikTok video was key for brands. That, paired with the fact that these platforms became widely popular during a pandemic when creative teams were developing content out of their own homes. Additionally, it opened up a new door for brands and content creators to turn out quick-hit, entertaining content.    What’s the difference between Reels and TikTok?  Now that we’ve covered why short-form video content is so popular across both Reels and TikTok, let’s discuss the key differences between these platforms that have affected how they’ve been adopted by social users.    Reels TikTok The Takeaway The User Experience To navigate to Reels, users must first open the Instagram app, where they will be shown their regular feed from accounts they follow. Then, they will select the Reels icon from the bottom menu to start viewing Reels in a TikTok-esque feed of content that’s been curated for the user by Instagram’s algorithm.  When a user opens the TikTok app, they are immediately shown a curated feed of TikToks the platform’s algorithm has chosen - AKA the “FYP” (for you page). The full screen and vertical swipe feed create a frictionless user experience that makes it as easy as possible to enjoy the app.  TikTok’s unique user experience puts short-form video content curated just for you at the center stage, creating a seamless and simple way to enjoy content. On the other hand, Reels is only a feature of Instagram among many others.  Music & Video Editing Tools Due to copyright concerns, Instagram business accounts only have access to Reels’ library of royalty-free tracks, while content creators have access to a larger library full of popular copyrighted music. While Reels does offer video editing tools, they can be tricky to navigate and their filters and effects are not very extensive.  Music and sound are the cornerstones of a TikTok video, and the app has nailed this feature with its extensive library of music and user-generated sounds available to content creators and brands alike. On top of that, TikTok’s video editing features are user-friendly, and they offer a wide variety of filters and video effects.  TikTok is the clear winner when it comes to music and video editing tools given their extensive music and sound library and editing capabilities.  Platform Purpose   Instagram, home of Reels, is a network-oriented app, where users are used to seeing content from people they are familiar with and have chosen to follow. However, in the Reels section of the app, it takes on a content-oriented approach, serving users content from people they don’t know.  At its core, TikTok is a content-oriented app. It normalized the experience of seeing content from people you don’t know in your feed based on your usage history and learned preference.  While both platforms' short-form video features are content-oriented, Instagram is known for being a network-oriented app. Instagram has offered a similar user experience through their “Explore” page since 2012, so this balance between content and network orientation is something they’ve been teetering for a while.  The Algorithm  Instagram has been less transparent about the Reels algorithm, however, it has provided a few best practices for success. For example, Instagram recommends that Reels content is entertaining, fun, and inspiring, uses the app’s creative editing tools, and leverages the music or sounds provided. Instagram has also shared that content that is visibly recycled from other apps (e.g. contains a TikTok watermark) will also be deprioritized by the algorithm.  Beyond all of the features listed above, TikTok’s arguably largest advantage is its algorithm. The platform’s parent company, ByteDance, has been very transparent about the large investment they made to design the app’s algorithm that picks up on users' personalized interests in record time, contributing to the effortless and enjoyable nature of consuming content on the app.  Overall, TikTok’s algorithm is the first of its kind and unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the social space, which ultimately contributes to its success. We don’t know as much about Instagram’s Reels algorithm, but we can assume it attempts to mimic the TikTok experience while staying true to the app and attempting to keep Reels content unique.     How Brands Can Be Successful on Reels and TikTok To be successful on Reels and TikTok, brand content shouldn’t feel like brand content. Brands need to get scrappy and creative to grab user’s attention and not stand out like a sore thumb among the style of content shared by individual creators. With that in mind, both Reels and TikTok require a unique content strategy within the brand’s larger social strategy. However, that inevitably requires extra time and effort. To decide which of these platforms to begin focusing your efforts on, ask yourself these two questions:  Which platform is your audience on currently?  Which one can you commit to doing consistently?  While there are many benefits of TikTok as discussed above in our comparison of the two platforms, many brands have already established themselves and have grown a following on Instagram, and therefore beginning to utilize Reels has a low barrier to entry. While cross-posting between the two platforms is an option we’ve seen numerous brands take, a carefully thought out strategy for each channel your brand has a presence on is more important than simply having content out there. When it comes to a brand’s social presence, quality is always preferred over quantity.  The social world is ever-evolving - and at the end of the day, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to which platform is best - the answer is unique to your brand’s priorities and your team’s bandwidth to thoughtfully manage the channels on which your brand appears.