Why Social Media Ads are like Dating


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Social Media Relationship

Being targeted with an ad on social media is a lot like meeting a potential suitor.  It is very much about perfect compatibility.  A brand can have intriguing and eye-catching content, but without the right targeting, the message is going to get lost in the sea of potential suitors vying for their attention.

Engage in Interesting Conversation

Just like someone may call a best friend to divulge details of a perfect date of conversation and craft beers, a user will gladly share content they find interesting with their social networks. Good marketers smear the lines between organic content, sponsored stories and promoted posts. A promoted, unpublished page post blocking up your newsfeed with a boring call to action and a lackluster image is like spending two hours with Mr. Know It All or Sally ‘Like’ is the only word in my vocabulary. It’s important to keep the advertising buyers close to the content creators to ensure the most interesting content is shared. 

Pay Attention to What He/She Likes

Why keep repeating the old dating patterns that have left you single in the first place?  I’m talking about the disruptive space fillers and low hanging fruit.  Instead, leverage content that has already resonated with your fan base to attract new suitors. Then, your efforts will stay focused on the quality of the content and start of the relationship rather than the quantity produced (unless quantity is your modus operandi).  The advantage of social advertising is the ability to select highly targeted audiences and share with them relevant content based on their lifestyle and precise interests. So, be selective (or picky) and execute multiple campaigns.  Bring her roses if she likes roses or daisies if she likes daises.

Again, Be Interesting.

Social media advertising should be a layer to your existing content strategy.  A distribution channel that works in two directions ‘ pushing content out and channeling potential customers on those networks back onto the site, ideally that houses other intriguing content.

Do not fill the air space with noise, especially if you want the person to ask for a second date. Answer the question ‘Do I have a story worth telling?’?  When you answer ‘yes’ to this question, social media advertising becomes easier and that single ad engagement can be the start of a loyal and engaged customer. And, do not be afraid to ask a friend to put in a good word for you. Sponsored stories convert users into an ad shown to their friends. It says ‘you can trust me before you know me’.

Not all brands will be able to scale content worth sharing, and some may be able to produce but not quickly.  Brands that are able to do both of these will garner the results of a content focused, social media second strategy. This leads to the perfect marriage (yes, this has come full circle).


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