Taking Stock: Ode to the Client


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I realized today that I love my clients. It’s not that I actively had negative thoughts, but like many long term relationships, the focus can turn to the day to day items, keeping life and business moving’ did I send that status (what’s for dinner), meeting agendas (is there time for a date night on Sat?) and even varying points of view (pick up the wet towel!). Actual like or dislike on a high scale doesn’t always factor in.

Gift giving is also something that spans different relationships. Something happened during this holiday shopping season ‘ I found myself excited to be picking out what I hoped were personal and thoughtful gifts for my clients. I truly wanted them to be pleased. And not in the ‘ ‘I hope they think I am so funny and clever so they see my marketing value way’. I mean I wanted to give them something they LIKE ‘ outside of how it reflects on me. What happened?!?!

Here’s what happened: we talked. It’s been a long few years for marketers, media vendors and brands. Sometimes it takes economic anxiety to get a client engaged. It definitely takes an engaged client to motivate an agency. This engagement proved the old adage: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ and that’s what we’ve done. New ways of looking at programs, testing of new tactics, shifting dollars for efficiencies. Even setting aside funds for research so the tests are true. My brands challenged their AMP Agency teams and we came through it together. I love that. I love them.

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