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Sitecore Makes Multi-Website Content Management Easier


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Creating a Centralized Digital Platform for Businesses with Multiple Brands

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When website content management becomes so cumbersome that an organization cannot make even the most basic changes without the assistance of a technologist, it’s a clear indicator that a new technology strategy is needed. This was one of the key issues that prompted PFU, an international information technology company, to seek our CMS website development expertise at AMPXD.

When PFU approached AMPXD for help, they had multiple websites across separate platforms with little consistency across them. With the facade of a CMS, PFU product information was scattered across different sites, and customers had a difficult time finding guidance on which products best fit their needs. PFU content authors also had a difficult time with efficiently updating content and adding new website features. The authors found themselves unable to keep up with ever changing market trends, and they were losing customers. 

After careful consideration of PFU’s business requirements, AMPXD identified Sitecore XP as the right enterprise CMS platform to address the identified needs, namely; feature functionality, system extensibility, and the platform’s ability to solve content management problems in a multi-brand and multi-website marketing ecosystem. Our AMPXD Sitecore team worked with PFU to rebuild two product brand websites within Sitecore: one for their business scanners product line; and another for PFU’s Happy Hacking Keyboards (HHKB) brand. 


PFU tasked AMPXD with improving the digital customer experience by displaying products in a more appealing way and implementing consistent and updated brand guidelines. The collective project team leveraged the power of the Sitecore CMS platform to implement new features for customers to easily identify the best products for their needs; customers are now able to sort and filter product information by industry, functionality, and business size. With the content authoring features and custom content component features of Sitecore, PFU authors are now able to easily add case studies, news articles, blog posts, and guides across their multiple sites.

The data extensibility of the Sitecore platform makes it easy to integrate third party tools and services, like HubSpot and PowerReviews, directly into the content authoring interface. With these system integrations, PFU can now create integrated dynamic forms and syndicate reviews from across different retailers’ websites like Amazon — critical functionality for PFU’s marketing goals. The flexibility of Sitecore to adapt to PFU’s business and marketing needs has proven to be an accelerating force to marketing strategy, allowing PFU to publish relevant content in-market and improve customer journeys. 

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Over the course of our ongoing series of posts around technology, we will share stories of uniquely different CMS solutions in practical implementations. 

If you have an upcoming CMS project or need to discuss content management strategies, the team at AMPXD would love to assist you with your needs. Reach out to us via our Contact Us form. You can also learn more about our entire suite of Experience Design and Website Development capabilities on our Services Page.

This post is part of our ongoing blog series highlighting our CMS practice at AMPXD; learn more about how we select CMS solutions through our other stories.

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