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We’ve all had those moments when we are presented with an “obvious to everyone other than ourselves” event where we realize something about ourselves.

Ours happened a few weeks ago when someone said to us, “Thank you for really listening to our problem and not just pushing another platform.” It was at this moment that we realized that what is second nature to us isn’t all that common. 

Our technology team at AMPXD has decades of collective experience implementing content management systems (CMS) and solutions for a wide variety of clients and industry verticals. What we didn’t realize until that moment is that part of our collective success has been that we, as technologists, are natural listeners. When our clients are describing their business challenges, we don’t take the position of listening for the pauses to push a preset solution but, instead, we take in their words as our own and use them to find the right solution.

Actively listening is just one of the many reasons that we do not approach our projects with a preconceived solution or a packaged offering, but it is a critical one.  Through the years, we found that every unique business problem statement has an equally unique approach.  When it comes to CMS, this uniqueness could be how the CMS will interact with other established software platforms, or it could be a very specific set of business requirements that require more creative thinking. Without listening, we would become biased in our opinions and unable to truly consider a CMS platform (or any software). By listening to our clients, we came committed to the belief that technology should enable people and be complementary to different processes as opposed to dictating.

At AMPXD, we take the appropriate time to understand the use case criteria of the problem, balance the many variables of platform selection such as: evaluating functional requirements, level of effort to implement, total cost of ownership, and both internal and external resource availability before committing to a solution. Our experiences of implementing many different CMS platforms such as WordPress, Optimizely, Sitecore, Contentful, and Drupal honed our ability to use the right-sized tool for each project we encounter. 

Over the course of our upcoming series of posts around technology, we will share stories of uniquely different CMS solutions in practical implementations. 

If you have an upcoming CMS project or need to discuss content management strategies, the team at AMPXD would love to assist you with your needs. Reach out to us via our Contact Us form.

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