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How Optimizely Improves Digital Healthcare Experiences


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When the need for urgent care arises, the last thing patients should have to deal with is an inefficient website.


This post is part of our ongoing blog series highlighting our CMS practice at AMPXD, learn more about how we select CMS solutions.


Indigo Health, a regional urgent care provider in the Pacific Northwest with more than three dozen care facilities and a subsidiary of MultiCare Health, turned to the AMPXD team to build a new platform that provides their patients with a better digital experience. Indigo Health faced several challenges with their existing site including website downtime, automated environment scaling, timely content authoring, and providing patients with up-to-date notifications. The site was not integrated with available third-party services to auto-update care facility service hours, nor was it integrated with HR platforms to maintain a listing of open employment positions. The exisiting site could not scale to account for the different types of care that indigo was planning for its patients, nor could it easily account for managing individual clinics hours, availability, or specific marketing material. Users were not able to easily sort clinics based on different criteria – such as whether they wanted the soonest appointment regardless of distance, or the closest appointment. Overall, Indigo was in need of a more beautiful, more functional, and more manageable website.

After working through the technical and business requirements, the AMPXD team identified Optimizely as the most ntaural fit to Indigo Health’s resources and processes. Utilizing Optimizely’s Content Mangaement System and DXP platform has enabled Indigo Health’s content authors to self-manage content changes with minimal technical support. Our development team created adaptable patterns within Optimizely to ingest and transform data from Indigo’s appointment platform into a custom data model built with Optimizely’s content and data type editor. The development team was able to integrate and extend the frontend HTML templates utilizing a composable JavaScript framework to monitor on-page user behaviors and interactions as well as integrate a publish/subscribe messaging service to dynamically update appointment slots and waitlists. Website users now see clinic appointment availability in real-time as updates are made in the underlying platforms.  They can also filter and sort the available clinics by different criteria, such as care type, distance, and soonest appointment.


The collective team also tackled introducing new freatures such as imporved content templates for the marketing department with customized data entry interfaces that allow authors to easily embed different content objects into the website’s pages. The marketing team now has more control over the management of content while maintaining brand consistency across the site.


With their new site on Optimizely, Indigo Health can now focus on content authoring and optimization as opposed to technical implementation tasks. Most importantly, Indigo Health patients now have a better experience and are reassured indigo Health will provide the right service channels to assist critical healthcare decisions. Patients can conveniently manage their appointments without leaving the Indigo website, and can easily find the information they need about clinic service hours.

Over the course of our ongoing series of posts around technology, we will share stories of uniquely different CMS solutions in practical implementations. 

If you have an upcoming CMS project or need to discuss content management strategies, the team at AMPXD would love to assist you with your needs. Reach out to us via our Contact Us form.  You can also read about our entire suite of Experience Design and Website Development capabilities on our Services Page. Additionally, be sure to check out our Indigo Health case study.

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