The Top Trends of Spring 2023 - Predicted By Search Data

As we transition into Spring 2023, it's the perfect time to dive into consumer behavior using search query data. At AMP Agency, we've analyzed products and activities that are seasonally relevant and used our research to predict what topics consumers are excited about and where they'll be spending their money this Spring.

Confident Predictions Based on User Queries

Our team has used our Search Intelligence service to uncover topics related to Spring activities or that are closely linked to the season. We've sorted them into eight categories that align with consumer behavior to make predictions that are backed by data.

Discover the Top Trends in Your Category

From comfy Spring fashion to the latest in gardening (do you have a plan for xeriscaping this year?), our report highlights the search interest trends that brands can leverage to gain a competitive advantage.

Insights On 24 Topics Based On Data

We've identified numerous topics where consumer interest is rising, based on the increasing query volume as reported by Google's Keyword Planner (US only).

Understand Your Audience Via Keyword Queries

We also offer Audience Intelligence from Search as another source of data to help you power your business strategy. Download our report to get predictions and consumer data points for your strategy and planning.

Don't miss out on this valuable insight into what consumers are interested in this Spring season. Download our report now to stay ahead of the game.

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