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Seattle skyline viewed from an observation deck, showcasing a panoramic view of the city's buildings from above

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High-Energy Creative
with Good Vibes

Amp Seattle got its feet wet more than 15 years ago in experiential marketing. And our Social Media, PR and Influencers team was born out of Seattle. Today, we’re a fully-integrated marketing agency full of big ideas in a city that’s no stranger to big thinking. From tech land to the Space Needle, we’re inspired by the scents, sounds and scenery of this vibrant city.

More than just hippies and hipsters.

Amp Seattle is a collection of thinkers, makers and amplifiers. Our diverse and collaborative group of writers, strategists, producers, architects, social and account managers and designers work with world-class brands from the Sound and beyond.

Doing great work with great people.

We help brands find and win over people, leveraging a unique PNW spirit of innovation. We’ve blended our love for all things experiential with a full suite of services, making us true end-to-end partners for all your marketing needs..

Results-driven and human-connected creative.

We are a results-driven, full-service agency who helps brands break through the noise and find a human connection. Our strategy team unearths insights that lead to some of the most iconic creative, digital and media coming out of the Emerald City.

Seattle Ampers are not what you might expect. We love running marathons which means we train in the rain. We like traveling as much as coming home because we savor new experiences. When it’s outside weather, we hit up our plethora of parks and gardens or kayak on Lake Union. When it’s inside time, you can find us at one of our many museums (Mohai and the Seattle Pinball Museum are favs). And we’re not ashamed to admit, we too join the 12th man fam.

More than where we work

A neon sign for a coffee roasting shop glows brightly at night, standing out against the dark surroundings. The vibrant neon lights contrast with the otherwise pitch-black scene, emphasizing the shop's inviting presence.

Colorful mural on the side of a building, depicting a woman's face, partially obscured by the top of another building. This creates a striking contrast between the vibrant artwork and the surrounding Seattle architecture.

Aerial view of Seattle's waterfront featuring the iconic Ferris wheel and Pike Place Market sign. The scene captures a mix of urban buildings and the serene water backdrop, highlighting the blend of city life and natural beauty.

A colorful kite flies in a grassy area of Seattle, with older industrial infrastructure in the background. The scene is set against a bright blue sky, creating a picturesque contrast with the green grass and industrial elements.

A ferry sails across calm waters with the Seattle skyline in the background, including the iconic Space Needle. The scene captures a blend of urban life and maritime activity under an overcast sky.

A seagull stands in sharp focus against a blurred, overcast sky and distant water. The bird's piercing gaze and detailed feathers create a striking, minimalist composition.

A bustling indoor market scene at Pike Place Market in Seattle, featuring a neon "Market Grill" sign shaped like a fish. Shoppers browse various seafood stalls under the vibrant lights and colorful signs.

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